Buying a 5G smartphone soon? Here Are Some Essential Things You Should Consider First

These are exciting times for mobile brands as well as for you. With 5G soon to be unleashed across the length and breadth of the country, you can prepare yourself by getting a future-ready 5G smartphone.

If you are unaware of what 5G is and what it does, we will fill the gaps in your knowledge and advise you on your new phone purchase.

Here’s all you need to know before pitching for a 5G phone under 15000:

What is 5G?

5G technology delivers speeds up to 100 times faster than the previous generation 4G technology.

This means faster downloads, smooth video chats and no buffering while watching Netflix.

5G supports more connected devices than 4G and has low latency.

Are 5G smartphones beyond my budget?

Any new technology comes at an extra cost, but many major mobile brands are offering quality 5G phones under Rs. 15,000.

Be extra careful to check if the 5G handset you have chosen does not lack key features.

Due to cost-cutting, some brands downgrade a phone’s RAM or camera to include 5G.

Do 5G smartphones drain the battery faster?

Alas, the answer, for now, is ‘yes’. 

Since 5G networks are not as extensive or robust as 4G networks, your phone has to spend extra energy to locate a signal and hang on to it. This consumes more power.

5G chipsets are known to drain more battery.

Once 5G networks mature their faster data transmission rate should theoretically save your smartphone’s battery. But that scenario is a good time away.

Is there a lot of choice in 5G smartphones?

Major brands have a galaxy of new 5G handsets but most of them are premium products.

The choices are limited if you want a 5G phone under Rs. 15,000.

Prices of 5G smartphones are going down by the day.

Some brands you can consider are Poco, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, Redmi and Motorola. 

5G network concerns

To start with, 5G will be available only in a few places in India.

Coverage is expected to improve exponentially in the coming months.

Check if your handset is compatible with 5G mmWave or sub-6Ghz 5G.

Be sure to check frequency range within which the handset works.

Older 5G models may not be compatible with the new Indian networks. 

It is not easy to decide between spending a little extra on a future-proof 5G smartphone or buying a feature-rich 4G mobile instead. The fact is that 5G is going to be rolled out sooner rather than later across India. 

This is why, we think the time is ripe for you to look for a 5G phone under Rs. 15,000, and reap the benefits of the latest technology. 

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Summary: 5G offers blazing fast data transmission and download speeds. India will soon witness this revolution with telecom providers set to launch 5G services across the country. To taste the high-speed benefits 5G, you obviously need a 5G smartphone. Major mobile brands have made this easier for you by launching a glittering lineup of affordable handsets. This article will inform you about 5G and ease your search for the best 5G phone under Rs. 15,000.

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