Five children’s stories to educate in the values ​​of sport

Traditionally, sport has been used in children’s stories and stories as a very good tool for mothers, fathers or educators to promote different values ​​with our boys and girls. Thus, playing sports is healthy and fun, but it can also serve to inspire us and help us become better people. We tell you how! What are the values ​​that can be learned through stories with sports values?

Especially in team sports, such as soccer, basketball, handball or similar sports, there is a whole catalog of possible learning:

Respect: both for the members of the team and for the opposite.

Collaboration and teamwork: to achieve a common goal.

Fellowship and concern for the other: through the bond of friendship that is created between members of the same team.

Coexistence and friendship: promotion of social relations with all the participants in this nba중계.

Justice and equality: through the arbitration decisions that must be taken in the face of the different situations that arise in the game.

Self-discipline, effort and spirit of sacrifice: to reach the goal and live up to others.

Recognition: for a job well done when a good play is made, both self-recognition and that of others.

Humility: to know how to lose when necessary.

Five children’s stories that affect these values

Of all the stories that we can tell our sons and daughters at bedtime, we always have the opportunity to choose those that help us not only to entertain them and put them to sleep, but also to  work on those values ​​that we believe will help them in the future to be responsible and committed people. Why not choose children’s stories related to sports that serve as a reference in this regard?

Of all the possibilities we have selected three examples, stories that are freely available on the portal of the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents and Mothers of Students ,  all aimed at boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old:

In the plot of the story, two friends are forced to compete against each other influenced by the pressure of one of the parents, but their willingness to share helps them overcome this difficulty and demonstrate that collaboration in sports must be above the odds. results.

In this way, the story helps children to understand how to work together to achieve a single goal.

Shadow ball                                                                           

In the town of Manzanazul, all the fun sports are practiced, unlike Blancolimón, where they only have a crooked basket and a goal without a crossbar. Therefore, in this small village, a group of children with disabilities invents a new sport in which they can compete and demonstrate their skills against the neighboring town.

Thus, this story reinforces the value of integration and equal opportunities

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