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The Importance Of Cleanliness For An Industrial Company

Within the industrial field, industrial cleaning in Monterrey is of vital importance. This is because hygiene brings a good reputation to the company, an excellent work environment, greater comfort, well-being and health for employees.

Diseases are known to cause loss of human resources, work environment problems, poor social image.

And, believe it or not, hygiene also influences offering a good service or quality product to customers. Hygiene at an industrial level has become more relevant thanks to the awareness on the part of employees and employers who can observe the various benefits that cleaning can offer to a work environment.

Learn a little more about industrial rengøringshjælp in Monterrey and its importance below.

The impact it causes on industrial activities

Generally, what abounds in an industrial building are machinery and production lines. These equipments are used constantly, accumulate a huge amount of dust, dirt and raw material waste that brings with it bacteria, and harbor viruses or germs that can affect the health of workers.

Dirt and dust for its part, can also damage the machinery that could automatically stop working. This would cause a delay in production and generate costs outside of estimates.

For this reason, certain measures are established for companies in the industrial sector, in order to prevent risks, offer safe spaces for workers and keep the company in order.

An important standard to mention is ISO 9001:2008 , which indicates that the industry must provide its workers with a space with everything necessary to regulate safety, cleanliness and order conditions, also promoting the participation and well-being of all staff health and risk prevention in any of the work spaces.

How is it possible to comply with industrial cleaning regulations?

It is possible if disinfection and hygiene maintenance are carried out correctly in the different areas of the industrial warehouse. These can be:

1. Floors:

It is essential to keep floors free of dirt, so that workers can move from one place to another safely. It is necessary to clean daily and every time a liquid or raw material is spilled that can cause accidents.

Due to the large size of industrial buildings, it is recommended to use pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and/or any other machinery that can carry out the cleaning process even faster. It is also recommended to use an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

2. Toilets:

It is common for bacteria to grow in these spaces, so constant deep cleaning with the help of disinfectants, chlorine and/or powdered detergent is essential. It is also important to add dispensers for soap, toilet paper, disinfectant towels, etc.

3. Common areas:

In the usual areas you cannot miss the anti-bacterial gel and deposits to throw garbage and waste.

4. Machinery:

Use of degreasers can be used to remove grease on machines that can sometimes be difficult to remove. Also, it is advisable to clean them with a disinfectant to kill bacteria, dust and dirt.

5. Furniture:

For shelves, tables and any other furniture inside the industrial warehouse, it is recommended to clean with disinfectant towels, in order to remove dirt and eliminate bacteria.


Now that you know the importance of cleaning in an industrial company, what are you waiting for to do it in your company? We remind you that at Jacobsens Rengøring we stand out for offering a quality service in the cleaning of industrial areas, and in addition, we use the best quality products to leave your spaces sparkling. Contact us and acquire our services!

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