Credits of this type allow the development of activities in different business areas

These are amounts of money that the Bank grants to companies of various sizes to support their operations.

Commercial Credits are amounts of money in Chilean or foreign currency that the Bank grants to companies of various sizes to meet the needs of working capital, acquisition of goods, payment of services oriented to the operation of the same or to refinance liabilities with other institutions. and short-term providers and that is normally agreed to be paid in the short, medium and sometimes in the long term.

 allowing the payment of installments to be extended and the funds to be used for the company’s own activities, such as those mentioned above.

Likewise, the terms can be short, medium or long, depending on the characteristics of the operation that the person requesting the credit wishes to carry out.

To access this type of financing, companies must provide extensive information to the bank regarding their operations and the flows of income and expenses generated, in order to guarantee the payment of the credit granted.

For this reason, it is possible that companies without commercial

 history or that do not have balance sheets audited by third parties, face problems in accessing this type of financing. Due to this situation, there are different ways of financing that they can access, including among them the development and seed capital programs granted by the State through various institutions.

Corporate Banking

Set of financing services and others that a banking institution provides to companies.

Electronic Banking

Type of banking that provides its services to its customers through different communications technologies, such as the Internet or telephone lines (telephone banking). It is also known as home banking.

Personal Banking

Set of financing services and others that a banking institution provides to its customers.

Central Bank

Official institution in charge of the national management of liquidity and means of payment in an economy. In Ecuador, due to the dollarization process, the monetary issuance functions have been limited to some fractional currencies.

Benefit: Result of subtracting from the total income obtained in a certain period, the costs incurred in obtaining said income. In economics, a positive result obtained in an economic transaction when the cost of a good or service is lower than its selling price. sale.

Stock Exchange

Secondary market in which securities are traded and exchanged, contained both in securities in the strict sense and in account entries.

Group of the balance that records the contributions of the partners or shareholders of the entity. In finance, capital is also called the monetary amount placed as an investment in an operation. Capital or principal is the amount invested or borrowed. All what is given on 당일대출 is deposited in accounts with interest, is placed in shares. Social capital: It is formed by the funds contributed by the partners or shareholders. Nominal value of the shares of a company at a given time. Corresponds to the shares subscribed and paid by the shareholders, the contributions of the State in the entities public financial institutions, the value of the contribution certificates subscribed and paid in the case of cooperatives and the value of the funds received by the credit guarantee system.

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