Effective sports marketing strategy

Sports marketing has become an extremely important industry in recent years. It allows sports brands, companies and institutions to not only grab the attention of fans, admirers and admirers, but also create a connection that goes beyond the emotional.

Sports marketing strategies that deliver the best results for brands include:

Live content

According to Linchpin’s Sports Marketing Guide to Effectively Promote Teams and Athletes, 83% of sports fans use social media while watching a game. This is because many of them enjoy creating and sharing content in real time, be it expressing their opinion, highlighting a game, or in some cases challenging an opponent.

Knowing this is a great opportunity to create content that evokes emotions, such as B. Replays, live photos, in-game protagonists and endless choices that motivate fans to experience the event in a special way. Sport is motivating when we see sports clubs start selling their digital sponsorship, something that is extremely new after the pandemic.

Content for many platforms

According to a report prepared by Burst Media and echoed in Marketing Dive, 52.6% of fans use a tablet or smartphone to access NBA Online content. Nevertheless, 41.3% still regard television as the best source of information. On the other hand, 30.4% said they spend most of their time reading content rather than watching videos.

This means there are so many ways fans can connect with their passion that you can’t think of just one way to connect with them. By considering all channels and choosing the most suitable one, you can be sure that the campaign you want to develop will have a good impact.

Collaboration with athletes

Using elite athletes is a strategy widely adopted by 해외축구 중계사이트  brands and institutions. This allows them not only to improve their sales, but also to gain new followers and build stronger bonds with fans.

But to distinguish yourself from other companies and associations, the content has to be presented at the right time and on the right platform. For example, according to Neil Patel, an Instagram post gets 50% of the comments within the first 6 hours. Therefore, if you want to have a good impact on this social network, the content can focus on the moments when important sports events take place with a selected athlete character or his club.

Bring the viewer closer to the action

If spectators had the opportunity to go to the locker room during a game or watch their team train for an important game, they would certainly do it. Therefore, creating content or campaigns to achieve this goal is a great opportunity to gain exposure and strengthen the relationship between the fans and the club.

But what form can help to achieve these goals? According to Cisco, online video will account for more than 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2022. According to Linchpin, live video deserves special attention, as viewers watch almost 3 times more and the average loyalty is 12 times greater.


We can’t avoid mentioning sponsorship when it comes to sports marketing strategies. The presence in a sports shirt or a racing car increases the credibility of the brand and allows it to reach a national or international level. This is not only because of their appearance in front of the camera, but also because the fans create an emotional connection with names that support their teams or athletes. But this tool is not short-lived, it takes more than two years of strategy and frequent activation program to reach this memory level among fans.


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