Grupo Globo Invests 3,300 Million In AI For Sports Broadcasts

The agreement, for which Globo will make an investment of 3,300 million dollars in Pixellot, will involve the installation of cameras and automatic reproduction systems with artificial intelligence in several stadiums and sports complexes.

The objective of the agreement is to be able to bring to Brazilian viewers a wide variety of live matches of different sports modalities that until now were not available to users due to the high costs associated with the 스포츠중계 of sporting events.

“Artificial intelligence applied to viewing from devices could be a revolution in sporting events and Globo wants to be one of the companies that lead this trend”, assured the CEO of Grupo Globo, Jorge Nóbrega.

By automating the production flow with technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms, Pixellot currently offers more than 4,000 hours per month of sports broadcasts of competitions that until now had not been of interest to the media, such as amateur and semi-professional competitions. or events linked to women’s sports or school leagues.

Utilizing a multi-camera device that does not require the presence of a camera operator, the technology uses a cloud-based AI algorithm that follows the pace of plays, updates the scoreboard and stats, identifies highlights, and even allows inserting advertising without the need for human intervention.

Pixellot distributes this content to various video platforms and mobile platforms, giving the opportunity to modest leagues, clubs and educational institutions to comfortably broadcast unlimited sports content. The Israeli company has already produced more than half a million games and fans and coaches have already generated more than 3 million videos.

New verticals

For Globo, which already has the sports rights for the main sports competitions in the region (Fife World Cup, Olympic Games, Brasileirão Série A, Volleyball Superliga or CONMEBOL), the alliance represents the opportunity to exploit new market niches. According to Roberto Marinho, director of the sports division of Grupo Globo, they will now be able to produce new sports verticals while expanding soccer coverage with professional leagues and competitions for men and women, but also with semi-professional competitions and niche sports. .

For its part, Pixellot adds a new investor to the company and continues to expand the scope of its operations, after having closed agreements in recent months with operators in South Africa (with Shoott), Switzerland (with NEP), Estonia and Latvia (with Levira), among others.

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