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The Benefits of Having a Newer Roof on Your Home in Pensacola Florida

What to see in person

Once you’ve looked at the websites of several roofers, the next step is to call three or four of them for a quote. It’s best to call several companies so you can compare them. Your prospective roofers will want to come to your roof, inspect it, and then draw up a detailed estimate for you.

Do your research on any company before you let one of their representatives go up on the roof, so you can make sure they have insurance, a license, and the other important things we discussed in step one. It is not wise to allow a roofer who unexpectedly knocks on your door to climb onto your roof. They could be storm chasers, or unlicensed contractors, looking to take advantage of you.

When you meet with one of these roofers you’ve chosen in person, you should judge them based on a few different criteria:


Did the roofers arrive on time? Were they presentable, friendly and clearly associated with the company? Roofers are unlikely to become more professional when they’re doing their job on your roof, so make sure you’re happy with their conduct on your first visit.


You want to work with someone who will listen to your concerns, address them appropriately, and patiently explain their process, warranties, and other aspects of the job. No reputable roofer will seem insulted when asked about their qualifications, testimonials, insurance, or other matters that are important to you. Also, roofers who answer questions honestly and openly are easier to work with and less likely to do a poor job since they have nothing to hide.


It can be difficult to assess a roofer’s honesty if you don’t know much about roofing Pensacola Florida. That’s where meeting with multiple roofers is helpful. If there is a discrepancy between what one roofer says and another, they can be asked a few questions to find out which one is more honest. For example, one roofer may say that all the flashing needs to be replaced, while another says that only the chimney needs to be changed. Ask each one why they feel that way and compare to get an idea of ​​which one is more honest and looking out for their best interests. A roofer must be concerned with delivering a quality roof that provides long-lasting performance. You can also consult our section Roofing 101to learn some basic roofing concepts that can serve as a guide.


: A professional contractor will have spent a lot of time finding quality products for their jobs. Do not hesitate to question why he recommends and uses a certain brand of material. The reasons may vary, depending on where you live. Possible factors include weather, color selection, your team’s experience, and product availability, to name a few. He should be able to tell you exactly why one brand name line of shingles is the best option for his home and his budget as well.

Limited Warranty:

Now is also a good time to talk about limited warranties and any warranties roofers may offer on their work. Ask how long you’re limited warranty lasts and what it covers. Be sure to distinguish between the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer and that offered by the roofing company itself.

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