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Is It Time to Renovate Your Bathroom?

If you’re looking for a sign that it’s time to finally remodel your bathroom, this is it. 

A change to your bathroom can make or break your sense of peace at home. After all, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, and so does your family. 

Whether you’re selling your home, or in need of a change, here are the signs that it’s time for a full bathroom renovation for your Melbourne home.  

Lack of Storage

If you don’t have enough space to store your toiletries, that’s one of the reasons why your bathroom needs a makeover. Bathroom renovations Melbourne can be the key to creating all the storage you need without taking up a lot of space with store-bought organizers. 

 Whether it’s a large or small bathroom renovation, we can help. Our bathroom remodeling experts offer a range of unique bathroom storage solutions that you can incorporate into your bathroom design ideas.

Your Bathroom Looks Dated

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be broken to warrant a remodel. Sometimes it’s as simple as growing tired of your decor. Odds are that the trendiest bathrooms won’t stay trendy forever and modernizing your space can add value to your home.

Perhaps your bathroom is a relic of the 1970s, with the wallpaper to prove it. Or your bathroom features the pink color palette that defined the 1980s, hell it might be butter yellow like those old 90’s bathrooms. Either way, some homeowners may find it charmingly vintage, while others will probably want to gut the whole thing.

Your Old Fixtures Are Leaking

Do you have a faucet that just keeps dripping? It’s not just a tiring sound, it’s a one-way ticket to mold and a waste of water. These leaks can be caused by worn toilet flappers, leaking valves and dripping faucets. 

Just updating your fixtures is a great way to ensure longevity of your bathroom and protect your area from mold as well as keeping your water bill low. 

You’ve Got mold 

Bathrooms are the home of humidity, so it’s not surprising that many people have ongoing issues with mold. You may notice your wallpaper getting discolored, peeling or having general damage, this is a sign of mold. Maybe there are watermarks and spotting, this is also mold. Although bleach can help with mild cases of mold, often mold means something is wrong with the design of your bathroom. 

When you work with CMD design to help conquer your mold issues, we can find the main issue, and redesign, or simply consider insulating your bathroom and updating your ventilation system. If you suspect the mold may be a bigger issue, we can remodel to suit your needs.

You’re Planning to Sell Your Home

Even a small update to your bathroom can make it a better sell, and a higher cost. Don’t let a cracked dub, leaky fixtures, outdated décor or mold stop you from attracting great buyers. Modern finishes and new fixtures have a universal appeal. 

To do this aspect of renovating well, you need to make sure that repairs come before aesthetics. So if your flooring is bad, removing it and replacing it in an affordable way is great, but if you work with CMD, we can replace it and help you make it aesthetically pleasing all at once. 

Is it Time? 

Operating in Melbourne for over 15 years, CMD Bathroom renovations have been the go-to solution for local’s renovation needs. If you have any of the issues listed above, or just think it’s time for a change, CMD handles full bathroom renovations melbourne

In addition to renovating bathrooms, they also offer kitchen and laundry renovations too. 

Simply contact them now and get your free quote! 

Contact CMD Plumbing Solutions here. 

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