4 most popular sporting events in India

India has always been an important country for sports lovers, as people here play a range of sports that have been practiced for decades. However, the two most popular Indian sports, hockey and cricket, are becoming more and more popular than the first, the national sport of India. As sports in India become more and more popular, events are held every year, especially for sports fans. Follow the best sporting events that the people of India have always loved.

Istanbul Indian Premier League (IPL):

The IPL is arguably the most talked about sporting event in the country. With over 60 matches scheduled in 45 days, the IPL has become a phenomenon over time. Founded in 2008 by a talented league of 20 teams and developed by the Council for Cricket (BCCI), the IPL Player is the second highest paid athlete in the world. Luckily, the IPL in India is the first recognized sporting event in the world and is streamed live on YouTube. So you can think about the popularity of the event.

Keara Bo Snake Boat Competition:

The snake boat race is a very popular event designed and prepared throughout the year when boats (120m long) and passengers gather for the Onam festival each year. Spectators from all over the country come to this place, settle on the shores of Lake Panama and watch the film crew move with the singers on heavy waves. The traditional 해외축구중계 first held in 1952 in honor of the independent Prime Minister of India, has gained recognition and popularity in the countries of India.

Pool Sports Event:

The incident in which the farmers began to influence the power of the girls gradually became a world-famous event in the small village of Kira Raipur near Ludhiana. In February, more than 4,000 people gather here every year to take part in one of the most popular local Olympiads. Spectators from afar come here to enjoy the village athletics. This event is very popular, even foreign teams come here for training and competition.        

Jallikattu is a traditional sporting event dating back 3,500 years. Formerly known as the Bull’s Embrace event in the ancient state of Tamil Nadu, it takes place at the Pongal festival in January. People gather on the stage to have fun. There, the player follows the cow and steals the money attached to the crow. Whether it’s a rural sport like kabaddi or a more casual game like cricket, India’s vitality and energetic energy is always reflected in sporting events.


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