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Navi Mumbai – A Haven for Affordable Properties

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Real estate prices in Mumbai are known to be higher than average. If you are not a billionaire like Mumbai Amban or Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan, you may forget about owning real estate in Mumbai. But with the budget, all hope is not lost. In Navi Mumbai, affordable housing projects are being born in response to your requests.

Navi Mumbai is in high demand for residential real estate  Flats for sale in Delhi. There are many factors that lead people to this area. There is important infrastructure here. Mumbai and Pune have good road and rail connections. Many infrastructure projects are planned, including the metro, Mumbai Transit and Mumbai Navi International Airport. The real estate sector showed great enthusiasm when the airport plan was announced. However, the project did not go as planned, so real estate prices fell. The Maharashtra Provincial Government had a new role when the Maharashtra Provincial Government intervened and overcame project obstacles. When all the planned projects are almost complete, the price of real estate will increase only in the areas that benefit.

Another reason why Navi Mumbai attracts property seekers is job creation areas such as special economic zones and IT parks. There are many working class real estate hunters in Navi Mumbai Flats for sale in Pune.

Navi Mumbai - A Haven for Affordable Properties

The price of affordable real estate in Flats for sale in Kolkata is 4000-6500 psqft. The areas covered by Navi Mumbai are Panbell, Wolve, Kharghar, Karanjade and Taloja. Here you will find an apartment for Rs 108,000. Some of the more affordable projects here are good ozone, a water area, the architectural Alps and the Golden Empress. If you want to buy an Navi Mumbai apartment for less than Rs 400,000, check out Wolves, Panbells, Kamothe, Biller West and Mira Road. Taroja is a suitable destination for affordable housing, about 80% of buyers want 1BHK apartments.

Over the past five years, real estate prices in areas such as Kharghar and Airoli have risen by 40-80%. This trend should continue to increase the demand for infrastructure projects and their proper implementation.

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