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Is Roger Pettinggell the best real estate agent in Sarasota?

Long-time Sarasota resident Roger Pettinggell is no stranger to luxury real estate in South Florida. As Coldwell Banker’s #1 real estate agent in the Sunshine State, he has sold and contracted over $2 billion in real estate over his three-plus decades in the industry. This year he broke his own record, his total sales of over $175 million in 2020. Along the way, he learned many valuable lessons about luxury real estate, which he is happy to share with local residents and others for sale in southwest Florida.

What is the secret success of Roger Pettinggell?

When the market is hot and when the sellers need real estate agents, Roger knows more than ever. While it may seem counterintuitive, Roger Pettinggell believes it’s more important than ever to have a good agent working for you in today’s hot market. “Someone asked the Roger can I find the best waterfront property without an real estate agent,” he said, “I would argue that you need a better real estate agent what you really need. In this kind of marketplace is the introduction for each listing because you know someone is already looking. You want as many buyers as possible to get the best prices and the best conditions for sellers.”

Why should the home sellers work with an international connection company?

Roger Pettinggell said, especially during special times such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It was necessary to work with a brokerage firm like Coldwell Banker that brought a national and international presence to the table. The company’s prestigious International Luxury Alliance Network which is a group of luxury marketing specialists from the United States and Europe.

“I feel a second wave of buyers are coming from an international market that we were unable to reach last year due to travel restrictions,” Roger Pettinggell continued, “The Sarasota market is a lifestyle choice. I work with most of the people they don’t buy homes as investments to turn around where they want to get the lowest price and sell it at the highest price. They are investing in their lives. Peoples are buying a second home or moving their primary residence to Florida and setting up a place where their families can get together.”

Is sales agent should take advantage of new technology?

While many brokers use traditional real estate methods, so he is eager to embrace new technologies. This allows him to market to his target audience more accurately and comprehensively. At the beginning of his career, he was the first agent in the office to buy his computer. Today he attends real estate tech conferences and leverages social media to build relationships and advertise his latest real estate. He also regularly lists videos on his vlog. Roger lives in Bird Key with his wife Alisa and his two teenage sons, Max and Jake. When he is not working, Roger enjoys the Florida sunshine with his family often in his son’s tennis tournament.

When you are ready to sell in Southwest Florida, you won’t find a better real estate agent than Roger Pettinggell. Want to know more about him? Click on a visit for related post.

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