Cable kept on boring the people with its content full of freezing and buffering. It also bound the people to watch the content at a fixed time. It means they are allowed either to watch the show or to skip it in case of any other work. There is no option to watch the show on a repeated basis. Sometimes cable cuts in the middle of the show and they miss a high voltage situation of their favorite show. 

Innovation of TV Box

That is why people in large proportion want to change their way of watching. Moreover, cable was getting expensive day by day. To cope with this frustrating situation; companies introduced a wonderful device named IPTV Boxes in Germany. It is an electronic device that helps its users to access thousands of various content right after clicking. The set-top box entertains the viewer by bringing their watching experience to the nearly invisible bezel. It means a clear crystal image without any freezing. 

People can record their shows in case of a busy schedule and watch them whenever they find a peaceful environment for them. In addition, they can save money on monthly cable bills because they are not paying for all the content and channels that they will never watch. Also, using a set-top box gives more control over the costs. It helps to avoid costly premium channel add-ons without sacrificing access to must-see shows and movies.

Features to be preferred while buying TV Boxes

Many brands offer TV Boxes. But all of them are not the same in quality and price. Some companies offer TV Boxes at lower rates but with old and limited features. However, some companies sell their products at higher rates by taking the help of false advertisements. They attract the customers by telling them bogus features of their boxes. 

In this condition, people should prefer those brands that come in the market, not with the profit-earning motive but also to serve the public. It means Yes, you have heard 100% right. This company is continuously innovating incredible TV Boxes with mind-blowing specifications. You can get every essential feature along with various accessories with their TV Boxes.

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Why is the better than other TV Boxes?

 According to different user experiences, it has been noticed that the is an ideal option for choosing TV Boxes services. But to prove it, we are going to compare their product ( ) with the FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Comparison. There’s a lot of specification difference in both of these products but here we are going to discuss some of them.

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. Android OS
  3. Ethernet
  4. Available USB Ports

Storage Capacity

Some shows, usually songs, make us addicted. People want to watch or listen to them repeatedly. They want to save it for a future time. So, they can easily enjoy it whenever the mood strikes. But this type of enjoyment requires a device with an efficient storage capacity. Because storage is the only source for making a collection of content. 


In this way, ould be proved as beneficial as it has a whopping 64GB internal storage capacity. The company has amazing customer service so that they listened to the feedback from the customers and innovated their products with highly efficient storage capacity. Users can store thousands of different content in it without incurring money on any other external storage devices. But on the other hand, the FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Comparison has only 8 Gigabytes storage capacity. A device with such a low storage capacity increases the loading times of apps and urges the customers to stare at the TV screen for a long time

Android OS

As a growing market, staying ahead in the competition is one of the primary strategies. Let’s discuss FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Comparison, a well-known product of Amazon. When we consider the most common feature of an IPTV Box Android i.e. Android level, we get to know that they are still entertaining their customers with Android 9.0 which is too old in this modern age of technology.

On the other hand, has the latest Android Operating System of 9.1 developed by google. It means you have a variety of options like different keyboards for searching and better hardware.


No doubt, FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Comparison has goodwill in the commercial market but this goodwill is going to diminish within a few years. The reason behind this claim is that its manufacturing company kept on introducing this product with the same old features like Ethernet. 

Sometimes, the internet connection starts showing problems due to various reasons. In this situation, the Ethernet port helps the user to access their favorite content without any streaming disturbance. But don’t forget that a higher Ethernet port will stream the content in the same quality as before. The Fire TV has an Ethernet port of only 10/100 Mbps which is extremely low for supporting quality content. 

But the is designed uniquely. That’s why its users enjoy their content in the best quality with the 1000 Mbps Ethernet.

Available USB Port

USB Port is considered as the most essential port in TV Boxes. It helps the viewer to hook up a flash drive, any external hard drive, or a pen drive. People also store their favorite content on those devices so that they can easily watch movies, play songs or even read books. But you cannot perform all these tasks if you have any data on your USB. Because FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX Comparison has no standard USB Port with it. If you want to use your USB data then go with  as it has 3.0 USB Ports which is more than enough.

After considering all the major features, it becomes clear that Digital Tribe Product offers the best IPTV box services which are more reliable and beneficial than any other product.

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Is it worth upgrading from FireStick 4K to 4K Max?

The FireStick 4K Max is Amazon’s latest addition to its line of streaming devices, but is it worth upgrading from the FireStick 4K? The answer depends on your personal preferences and usage.

One significant improvement in the FireStick 4K Max is its processing power. The device features an upgraded quad-core 1.8GHz processor, which is faster than the 1.7GHz processor found in the FireStick 4K. This means that the FireStick 4K Max can run apps and stream content more quickly and smoothly.

Another difference between the two devices is that the FireStick 4K Max supports Wi-Fi 6, while the FireStick 4K only supports Wi-Fi 5. This means that the FireStick 4K Max can take advantage of faster and more stable Wi-Fi connections if your router supports Wi-Fi 6.

Finally, the FireStick 4K Max supports Alexa voice remote with device control, which allows you to control your TV, soundbar, and other devices with your voice. This feature is not available in the FireStick 4K.

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