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Hold’em tournament game

The most exciting way to enjoy the hold’em site is through tournaments. Just like when you play Yutnori on New Year’s Day, you get 10,000 won for the first game and 20,000 won for the next one, and so on, you will be immersed in the game more deeply. First, ask 10,000 won and play a tournament with chips. If you play the game while raising your bets, it’s fun to just watch it from the side.

Tournament basics

The first tournament format competition was held in the spring of 1969 at the Holiday Inn in Reno, Nevada. Held to invite Texas 온라인홀덤 people of a certain amount of wealth and fame, it was called the Texas Gamblers Convention, and one of the biggest ones was Benny Binion, who started the WSOP. The following year, 1970, Benny Binion created the WSOP to imitate the Texas Gamblers Convention. Many people know that the WSOP is the Shiho for the tournament, but the truth is that the Texas Gamblers Convention is the start of the tournament. The tournament was conducted in a repeating manner, with the last 8-10 players covering their jokes as the losers were excluded from each match. The basic format of the tournament is as follows.

The game starts with the same chips for all

All participants pay the same amount of chopsticks. For example, if the participation fee is 100,000 won and the chip is 2.000 chips, this rule applies equally to everyone. All participation fees are included in the prize money. For large-scale tournaments, each main company has predetermined prize money regardless of the number of participants. The admission fee is used to cover the running expenses of the regular meeting.

Blinds continue to rise

In the beginning, most start with about 1/2 blind, but as time goes on, the blind gradually increases. Usually, the blinds rise about once every 15 minutes to an hour. If you’re playing a small tournament at home, 20-30 minutes is fine. In tournaments, a ‘poker timer’ is necessary because the blinds rise. You can download and use freeware programs from the Internet.

If your chip runs out, you are eliminated.

In some tournaments, if you are eliminated at the beginning of the tournament, you can re-buy for a certain period of time, but there is usually a limit to the number of re-buys of once or twice. A no-rebuy tournament is a tournament that cannot be re-buyed, and once eliminated, that’s it.

Adjust the table as people drop out

For example, if 200 players run a tournament, it starts with 20 tables of 10 players each. When a loser comes out, the number of tables is gradually reduced to 10, 5, 3, 1, etc. by combining the tables according to a certain rule. This is to control the number of participants per table, as the number of players has a big impact on the game.

It doesn’t end until the final winner is revealed

In the past, after a certain amount of time, there was also a method of ranking first according to the amount of chips possessed. But there are so many problems with that method that they are now rarely seen, and the current tournament continues until there is one winner.

The prize money is paid out differently

​There is a method in which the 1st place takes all the prize money, but recently, it is common to distribute the prize money to the top 5 to 20 people. In the tournament, 2nd place will be the last to be eliminated, and 3rd will be the next latest to be eliminated. When two or more players roll at the same time, the prize money will be adjusted equally and shared.

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