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Caroline Stanbury is a well-known British businesswoman and reality television personality who has made a name in luxury brands and high-end real estate. She is best known for appearing on the popular reality television shows “Ladies of London” and “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” This article will closely examine Caroline Stanbury’s siblings, career, and achievements.

Caroline Stanbury, a name synonymous with style, sophistication, and success, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and entertainment. Born into a family of accomplished individuals, Caroline Stanbury’s siblings have also made their mark in various industries, contributing to her rich tapestry of experiences and influences. However, it’s Caroline’s own journey and achievements that truly define her illustrious career.

Early Life and Education

Caroline Stanbury was born in London, England, on April 28, 1976. She was raised in a wealthy family and attended the prestigious Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire. After completing her education, Caroline studied at the London College of Fashion, where she learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

NameCaroline Stanbury
OccupationBusinesswoman, Reality TV personality
Date of BirthApril 28, 1976
Place of BirthLondon, England
SpouseCem Habib (m. 2004)
Known forThe Ladies of London (TV Show)


Caroline Stanbury grew up in London with her family. Her father, Anthony Stanbury, was a successful venture capitalist, and her mother, Elizabeth Stanbury, was a socialite. Caroline has two younger brothers, Alexander and Edward Stanbury. Her family was well-connected and had a wealthy lifestyle. Caroline attended a private school in England before moving to Florence, Italy, to study at a design school.

Marriage and Children

Caroline Stanbury married Cem Habib, a Turkish financier, in 2004. They have three children together, Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac. Caroline and Cem have been married for over 17 years and have been through many ups and downs in their relationship. However, they have managed to stay together and raise their children as a family.

Relationship with her mother

Caroline Stanbury had a close relationship with her mother, Elizabeth Stanbury, who sadly passed away in 2020. Elizabeth was a socialite and a philanthropist, and Caroline often talked about how much she admired her mother. Elizabeth also greatly influenced Caroline’s fashion sense and business acumen.

Caroline Stanbury Siblings

Caroline Stanbury, a well-known British businesswoman, and reality television personality, has two siblings, a younger brother named Alexander and a younger sister named Victoria. Despite being siblings, they have very different personalities and career paths.

Alexander Stanbury is an accomplished journalist and writer. He has worked for prominent publications such as The Times and The Daily Telegraph. He has also written several books, including “The Lemon Cookbook” and “The Green Cookbook.” Alexander is known for his passion for food and cooking and has appeared on several television shows as a guest chef.

On the other hand, Caroline’s sister, Victoria, is a talented artist and designer. She has worked with many high-profile clients and has been featured in publications such as Elle Decoration and House & Garden. Victoria is known for her elegant and timeless designs and has received numerous awards.

Despite their different career paths, Caroline remains close to her siblings. She often shares pictures and updates on social media about their family gatherings and vacations. Caroline has also been a great support system for her siblings during their respective careers and endeavors.

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Career in the Fashion Industry

After completing her education, Caroline started working in the fashion industry. She worked for several high-end fashion brands, including Giorgio Armani, before launching her luxury brand, Gift Library, in 2008. Gift Library was a huge success and quickly became one of the most popular luxury brands in the UK.

In 2012, Caroline decided to sell Gift Library to focus on her other business ventures. She then launched her fashion brand, Caroline Stanbury, which offers luxury fashion items for women. Her fashion line has been hugely successful, and she has dressed some of the most famous women in the world, including Victoria Beckham and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Career in Real Estate

In addition to her career in the fashion industry, Caroline has also made a name for herself in high-end real estate. She is a licensed real estate agent involved in several high-profile deals.

In 2015, Caroline moved to Dubai with her husband and children and started working in the luxury real estate market. She quickly became one of the top real estate agents in the region and has sold some of the most expensive properties in Dubai.

Reality Television Career

Caroline Stanbury’s television career began in 2014 when she was cast in the reality television show “Ladies of London.” The show follows the lives of several wealthy and influential women living in London, and Caroline quickly became a fan favorite thanks to her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude.

In 2016, Caroline also appeared on the popular reality television show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” The show follows the lives of high-end real estate agents in Los Angeles, and Caroline was brought on as a special guest to help sell a luxury property.

Personal Life

Caroline Stanbury is married to Cem Habib, a Turkish businessman, and the couple has three children together. In 2015, the family moved to Dubai, where they currently reside.

Physical Appearance


Caroline Stanbury is known for her beautiful blonde locks, which she wears in a sleek, straight style. Her hair is naturally straight and glossy, but she also enjoys experimenting with different hairdos, including braids, ponytails, and updos. She often wears her hair in a chic low bun or half-up, half-down style. Caroline’s hair is also notable for its length, which she keeps long and healthy with regular trims and nourishing treatments.


Caroline Stanbury’s makeup is always on point, whether attending a red-carpet event or running errands around town. She favors a natural, dewy look that accentuates her flawless complexion, using light foundation and concealer to even out her skin tone. Her eyes are typically defined with a touch of black eyeliner and mascara, and she often adds a pop of color with bright lipstick or gloss. Caroline’s makeup is always fresh and youthful, never overdone or heavy.

Style Choices

Caroline Stanbury’s style is modern, sophisticated, and always on-trend. She is known for her love of designer labels and high-end fashion and is often spotted wearing the latest collections from top designers. Her style is a mix of classic and contemporary, focusing on clean lines and elegant silhouettes. She also enjoys bold prints and bright colors, often unexpectedly incorporating them into her outfits.


Caroline Stanbury’s accessories are just as stylish as her clothing. She often wears statement jewelry, including oversized earrings, chunky bracelets, and bold necklaces. She also loves designer handbags and often carries the latest must-have styles from top brands. Caroline’s shoe collection is equally impressive, featuring everything from classic pumps to trendy sneakers.

Fitness and Health

Caroline Stanbury’s physical appearance is also a result of her dedication to fitness and health. She is a frequent gym-goer and enjoys a variety of workouts, including Pilates, yoga, and cardio. She also eats a healthy, balanced diet, focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Caroline believes that beauty starts from within and takes care of her body inside and out.

Achievements and Awards

Caroline Stanbury’s achievements in the fashion industry and high-end real estate market have earned her several awards and accolades. She has been named one of the top 100 most influential people in the luxury industry by Luxury Daily.

In addition to her business achievements, Caroline is also involved in several charitable organizations. She has worked with several organizations that help disadvantaged children and has also been involved in raising funds for cancer research.

What is Caroline Stanbury’s net worth?

Stanbury’s net worth is estimated at around $35 million as of 2023. Stanbury started her career in fashion PR, working for prestigious brands such as Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. She later founded her luxury gift service, Gift Library, which she successfully sold to online retailers.

Apart from her business ventures, Stanbury is known for her appearance on Ladies of London. This reality TV show follows the lives of wealthy British expats living in London. She was a regular cast member for three seasons and became known for her quick wit and sharp tongue.

Stanbury has also been involved in several charitable organizations and has actively supported causes such as cancer research and children’s education. In 2017, she launched a philanthropic initiative called “The Gift of Giving,” which aimed to raise money for various charities.

Overall, Caroline Stanbury’s net worth can be attributed to her successful business ventures and her appearances on reality television. She remains a prominent figure in the British social scene and is widely recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic efforts.

Interesting facts about Caroline Stanbury

  • She is the granddaughter of Duff Cooper, who was a British diplomat, politician, and writer.
  • Caroline is known for her role in the reality television series “Ladies of London,” which aired from 2014 to 2017.
  • She is also the founder and CEO of the luxury gift service,, which was launched in 2008.
  • Stanbury was once engaged to soccer player Sergio Carrillo, but they called off the engagement in 2002.
  • In 2012, she married Turkish financier Cem Habib, and they have three children together.
  • Caroline has also appeared on other reality shows such as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.”
  • She has been friends with several high-profile people, including the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, designer Julien Macdonald, and actress Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
  • Caroline is a philanthropist and has been involved in various charitable organizations, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the NSPCC.
  • She is passionate about fashion and has collaborated with several designers, including DVF, Alexander McQueen, and Missoni.


In conclusion, Caroline Stanbury’s relationship with her siblings has been a topic of interest for many fans and followers of the British businesswoman and reality television personality. While she has occasionally shared glimpses of her family life on her social media accounts and her show “Ladies of London,” many relationships with her siblings remain private.

Despite the lack of public information, Caroline has a strong bond with her family. She has mentioned in interviews and social media accounts that family is incredibly important to her. She often shares photos and videos of her children spending time with their cousins.

Overall, Caroline Stanbury’s success in both her personal and professional life is a testament to the support and love she has received from her family, including her siblings. While we may not know all the details of their relationships, they have played an important role in shaping the woman Caroline has become today.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What businesses has Caroline Stanbury started?

Caroline Stanbury has started several businesses over the years, including a luxury gift company called “Gift Library” and a fashion brand called “Caroline Stanbury.”

Has Caroline Stanbury written a book?

Caroline Stanbury has written a book called “The Gift of Giving” about her experiences starting and running her luxury gift company.

What is Caroline Stanbury’s relationship status?

As of 2023, Caroline Stanbury is divorced and currently single.

Does Caroline Stanbury have any children?

Caroline Stanbury has three children: two sons, Yves and Zac, and a daughter, Athena.

What other TV shows has Caroline Stanbury appeared on?

Caroline Stanbury has also appeared on the TV shows “Top Gear” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

What is Caroline Stanbury’s fashion style?

Caroline Stanbury’s fashion style is often described as sophisticated and elegant, focusing on high-end designer brands.

Where does Caroline Stanbury currently live?

As of 2023, Caroline Stanbury lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Does Caroline Stanbury have any philanthropic endeavors?

Caroline Stanbury is involved in several philanthropic endeavors, including supporting the Children’s Trust in the UK and the Dubai Cares organization.

What is Caroline Stanbury’s favorite travel destination?

Caroline Stanbury’s favorite travel destination is reportedly the Maldives.

What advice does Caroline Stanbury have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Caroline Stanbury advises aspiring entrepreneurs to stay focused and positive and never abandon their dreams. She also advises seeking out mentors and building a strong support network.

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