Hey Siri! Where Are You At? iPhone Repair Shop Siri Guide

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Let’s say you recently bought an iPhone 14 128 or 256 GB variant. You have transferred all the data from your previous phone and are now ready to set your voice controls. Your iPhone will ask you to say “Hey, Siri” a few times so you can set up the voice control. But it is neither recognizing your voice nor setting the voice commands. You are worried about why it is causing an issue when you have just bought the phone. iPhone 14 is not affordable to everyone, and people who buy it want it to work fully without stopping. When you invest so much money in a device, you wouldn’t want it not to provide you with what you expected. Siri stands for speech interpretation recognition interface. It is an intelligent voice-command personal assistant. Many iPhone users complain that their voice command isn’t working despite everything they have done. Sycamore Tech, CA, is a mobile repair shop that has provided a troubleshooting guide that helps you identify the issue. This guide also contains a few fixes that will help you resolve the problem with your phone. Let’s review these fixes individually and see which solves your issue.

  1. Turn off and on the Siri

This is one of the most common fixes when your Siri doesn’t work. When you suspect that Siri doesn’t respond to anything you say, you first must see if it is turned on or off. To enable it, go to settings, open Siri, and see if the right icon is toggled on. If it’s on, turn it off, but if it’s off, turn it on and wait for a while. Then try to use it again. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed. It might also be possible that you haven’t allowed or enabled Siri. Go to settings and see if it’s disabled and turn it on by clicking on the “allow hey Siri” option. Once enabled, you can ask questions like, “Hey Siri, what is the temperature? Or anything you want to ask. 

  1. Check the Dictation

If you have tried turning it on and off and tried enabling it, but it still doesn’t work, it’s time to check if it is picking up your voice. In iPhone 14, you have to go to settings, click on the available keyboard, and from there, you can enable dictation. Doing this will allow you to refresh the feature. Hope it listens to your voice this time. If the problem still persists, the phone repair store suggests you move on to the next step. 

  1. Speaker and Microphone Check

Speakers and microphones are responsible for listening and speaking to someone on your phone. They are the most important features of your phone because, without them, you wouldn’t be able to hear or speak anything. If the Siri microphone is not working, the speaker and microphone malfunction. You must download any voice app and record your voice to ensure the microphone works. When you play it back, the microphone works perfectly fine if you can hear your voice. If not, take it to a cell phone repair store in Newark, CA. 

  1. Check your Internet Connection

Many people complain that their Siri is not working when all they have to do is turn on their Wifi. Remember that if you are on mobile data, Siri might not work unless the connection is strong. WiFi works better than cellular data; switch your phone to WiFi if you want Siri to work. If it is already on WiFi, check if your phone is connected. If yes, you can also check if the signals from the router are coming. It is suggested by the cell phone repair center to restart the router and see if all three lights are green and blinking. If you see any orange or red light, it means the router is not working. Try and restart it. You can also take the wire off and on to fix the router. 

  1. Update Your iOS

How many of you have heard about this fix? Many people set the updates to “remind me later.” As an iPhone user, you must know that Apple releases the updates often. These updates consist of unique and innovative features with improved security performance. Updating your phone will eliminate bugs, glitches, and malfunctions from your phone and will ensure that the problem gets solved and the Siri starts to listen to you again. 

  1. Reset the Network

According to iphone repair Newark, Siri has a closer relationship with the network. If the Siri is not working, you can reset your phone’s network. It might solve the problem. Resetting the network will delete all the saved passwords from your phone, but don’t worry; it won’t delete any data, images, videos, documents, or files. Just make sure you have saved all the passwords somewhere. If the issue is unresolved, you can take it to the professionals and get them to ace the solution. 


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