What is Window Patching? Understanding the Window Patching

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Packaging is the first thing the customer sees even before the product itself, as they can’t visualize the item before unwrapping it. So, if you want to impress your customers at first glance, the striking appearance of the product is the ultimate way to do so. You will stand out in a market through incredible packaging bags, acquiring a competitive advantage, hence elevating your sales.

Furthermore, what can be better than clients visualizing the product before unwrapping it? Well, it is possible through die cuts on the custom packaging bags. Through these transparent windows, customers can easily see the product. So, if you want to attract clients to your products, a die-cut window is the best way to do so. It is known as Window patching. So, buckle up as we discuss what is window patching? Let’s develop an understanding of window patching.

What is Window Patching?

In the discussion, what is window patching? Understanding the window patching, let’s unveil this packaging technique. Window patching is a printing process that uses a thin film to create a die-cut window on the packaging. You may have seen such packaging cartons at a bakery. Bakery items are typically wrapped in packing bags having window patching so that buyers can have a closer look at the food. It improves the item’s visibility, hence improving the client’s experience. Although window patching is most commonly used to pack snacks and bakery goods, retailers may use it for packaging any product.

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Types of Window Packaging:

In the topic, what is window patching? Understanding the window patching, let’s explore its common types. Enlisted below are the common types of window patching.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)




Laminated foil

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC):

Polyvinyl Chloride exterior window patching is more resistant to damage, scratches, and corrosion. It is also resistant to moisture and the weather. These films, however, are not resistant to Ultraviolet (UV) radiations and will lose their color and odor if exposed to UV rays. As a result, polyvinyl Chloride exterior window patching should not be used to pack bakery goods, snacks, or food. However, It can be used for vulnerable items that need extra protection.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET):

Polyethylene Terephthalate is the type of window patching that can acquire any shape. It is made on retailers’ demand and provides great protection to items. The coating is long-lasting and protects the goods even during normal handling. PET is a strong, robust, but lightweight material. Because of this feature, scratches on the film are possible, but the film has its external pressure that protects the object. So, this type of window patching is best for bakery items, snacks and food since it is customer friendly.

Window Patching Procedure:

Because of the window patching machine, patching windows is quite simple. The window patching machine is specifically designed to make transparent windows within the packaging. A reel carrying a particular film, such as PET or PVC, is housed within the machine. These films are used to apply the window to the wrapping boxes. The object readily goes through the reel because of the electromagnetic energy, and subsequently, the film is put to the wrapping box. The finest feature is that plastic sheets cling to the wrapping immediately and do not require drying time. It speeds up the process since the wrapping box with a window patch is ready after it completes its loop on the window patching machine.

Wrapping Up:

Window patching is highly recommended as it enhances the product’s visibility, accelerating the customer’s experience. Through this, you can take your business skywards and boost your sales. Different window patching films are described above. Choose the film that best fits your product.

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