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What are the Best Materials for Laundry Room Cabinets?

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Every nook and corner of your home needs organization. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room, cabinets are the best option to create storage space. However, many people face this issue even if they have ample space in their rooms. Typically, your clothes are that one element that creates all the unnecessary clutter. By organizing your laundry room, you can easily reduce the clutter in the rest of your rooms.

In that case, you need the sturdiest cabinets that can go a long way. Now, the next debate is the cabinet material you use. Well, wooden cabinets are always a good option for all sorts of cabinets. But, there are other cabinet materials that can stand the humidity and other cleaning agents. If choosing cabinet material for the laundry room is confusing you- here are the best options.

Take a look at the cabinet materials below:

  1. Wood
  2. Hardwood
  3. Metal
  4. Rubberwood
  5. Plywood
  6. Wood veneer


Wood is an all-rounder for all types of cabinets. Just like the kitchen, wooden cabinets can serve well in laundry rooms. Moreover, nothing can beat the look of classy wood cabinets in any room. This cabinet material is beautiful, functional, flexible to customize, and long-lasting. forevermark cabinets, for instance, is the best choice in terms of quality material, construction, longevity, and installation. 

Also, you can opt for any type of wood, such as oak, maple, cherry, hickory, or pine. You can keep these cabinets in their original finish or paint them in solid yet alluring colors. The best way to do this is to use the same wood material for laundry rooms, as you would for your kitchen space. 


When it comes to these rooms, hardwood should replace softwood. The texture and design of hardwood cabinets are distinctive. But, it is only there to create cabinet doors and frames, not the entire unit. As a result, wooden cabinets have some limits. They are costly and much sensitive to the moisture content in the environment. Because of the dampness, it can expand and contract- that is why many people avoid this material for laundry rooms. But, you can make it work if there is little humidity.


Metal shelves and cabinets; both are fantastic choices for laundry room storage. It is flexible and adjustable material to fulfill customizable options as well. In addition, detergents and other cleaning agents will not affect their work. Moreover, you can install them and clean these cabinets easily with a sponge and mild agents. If you are looking for sturdy and long-lasting cabinets for your laundry room, metal is by far the ideal choice. Plus, it will suit any style and design.


Laundry rooms are usually full of moisture and humidity. This much content can damage any cabinet material. In that case, you need a construction material that is highly resistant to chemicals and high levels of humidity. Rubberwood is your go-to material for such sustainable cabinets. Yes, you read that right! Rubber is an affordable, strong, and durable material for these rooms. The best part is that it does not undergo discoloration as a result of chemical reactions. Also, it’s an easy clean sweep.


Most of the cabinet parts are made of plywood, especially for kitchens. Well, the same goes for the laundry room and basement cabinets. These plywood cabinets will cost you much less than hardwood cabinets. So, it is better for you to opt for top-quality Forevermark cabinets that use lasting plywood and sustainable construction.

 Cleaning it is as simple as using a soft cloth and water. It will not fade or discolor due to washing and cleaning. It is also rust-proof. Plywood cabinets are built by bonding or heating sheets of plywood together. 

Wood veneer:

Wood veneer is another finishing material that is not only cost-effective but also perfect for cabinets. Many people who have temporary residences go for veneer in kitchen cabinets. That is why you can use the same material for laundry room cabinets as well. In addition, this cabinet material is lightweight and lasts for a few years. Moreover, it is easy to locate, install, and serves as a perfect storage unit for keeping clothes and other washing agents.  You can also get The Ultimate Guide to Buying Custom Cabinets For Kitchen

The bottom line:

Choosing laundry room cabinets is not that tricky. You need to consider a few factors before selecting the material. Opt for stain- and moisture-resistant material for cabinets. The most suitable construction materials are listed right here. If you have an open budget, go for wooden units or hardwood cabinets. Other best materials to use are metal, rubberwood, wood veneer, and MDF. In addition, plywood is one of the best choices for laundry room cabinets. Also, you can add open shelves to the room to enhance its storage capacity.    

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