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The Almighty has blessed us with the sense and ability to do work. The work we do or the profession in which we are in decides our income and living standards accordingly. But what if we lost the opportunity to do work or to earn just because of the inability to earn and do work because of disability? How to deal with such a situation if it happens? Especially if you are a working professional and you lose your job just because of disability. Especially when you are involved in a highly skilled profession there is no job replacement for the future .The answer is get professionals disability insurance from INSTANT DISABILITY to secure your income from future financial insecurities that will eventually help you to recover and maintain your lifestyle.

Professionals disability insurance policy is used as a substitute to the lost monthly income by a professional which otherwise would have prevented him/her from working and missing the earning opportunities in their earning days.

Advantages of professionals disability insurance

  • The insurance policy is divided into long term, short term, and permanent & temporary disability types. The policy can be chosen according to the required needs of the policyholder.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY offers insurance plans for both private and government working professionals.
  • It covers the opportunity cost of the disable person.
  • All types of disabilities are included in this insurance plan and the agenda behind is to cover all working professionals so that no one is left out of reaping the benefits of the insurance policy and do not face income or financial insecurities just because of their disability.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY insurance also provides counseling to the customers by letting them know which policy is better for them.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY is your friends which helps you to attain financial security in life .
  • With the disability claim that a disable gets on a monthly basis will also help you to concentrate on recovery and your monthly expenses will also be manageable.
  • This insurance policy is written succinctly so that the terms and conditions can be understood very easily with this a broader definition is mentioned so that professionals can easily relate to it.
  • Professionals with high risk jobs are advised to grab the deal as soon as possible before you face the bad or worst situation due to sudden accident, injury or illness.
  • INSTANT DISABILITY provides the most affordable professional disability insurance at present.
  • Policy is flexible in nature .It has a portable policy in which even after changing your change the insurance will not end but will still be continued further on .

Like other disability insurance companies you won’t face any problems regarding claiming your insurance because this is your right that needs to be given to the customers as an immediate response.

Before buying professional disable insurance, the family’s financial condition should be thoroughly considered. It will help you to determine the amount of coverage you need for your expenses as a financial security.

Life is the most valuable possession that we have so planning for a stable and secure future should be our topmost priority. We think for you, we feel for you and we plan for you.

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