Creative Ways to Make Money

Creative Ways to Make Money. The average American salary is nearly $48,000. With the cost of living slowly increasing, it’s not surprising that you’re looking to the internet for a way to make your first $100.

You’re not the only one. One in three Americans has a side hustle, earning up to $2,000 per monthly according to a 2021 Zapier survey. Although people with more successful side projects are more likely to respond than those without, it still shows that you can make money on top of your full-time job.

The attraction of a side-hustle isn’t limited to the potential to increase your bank account. If your venture is successful, you can use the additional cash to travel more, grow your savings, or quit your job. There are many other benefits to learning how you can sell products and services side by side.


While a day job may offer stability, it can also limit your earning potential. You lose your only source for income if you lose your job. You can still make a living by side-hustling so you have cash in case of emergency.

A new hobby. 

People who are creative tend to cross-pollinate their hobbies with their day jobs. While hobbies are fun, they can also have beneficial effects on your day-today job. Even if you have hit a brick wall in your job or another important activity, they can provide another avenue for learning and growth.

Building your money-making skills. This is a skill you must practice if you are to make your passions and talents into a profitable business. Even if you don’t achieve your full potential with a side project, you will still learn valuable skills that can be applied in your next venture.

Investing in collectibles, such as stamp collecting, can also be a good way of diversifying an investment portfolio. While you will find stamp collectors in every country, there is a marked concentration in the U.S, U.K, and Germany, according to Florida-based appraiser Treasure Coast Stamps.

Is it possible to make a living on the side?

People are often misled into believing that they need to be highly skilled or have to give up their job to make a living as a side hustlers. To start a side-hustle, you don’t have to be extremely skilled or leave your job.

Sandy is the host of Guess My Hustle. She’s an accountant by profession and has her own boutique that sells canine-related products, such as collars, leashes, and treats, from all over the globe. Her products are sold on her website Spotted By Humphrey.

Sandy started her side hustle from an Instagram account that shared Humphrey’s favorite products. Her content has attracted more than 20,000 followers, which led to her online pet store becoming profitable while still working as an accountant.

You can also look at James Yurichuk the professional CFL footballer. James, like many players in the league needed a side job to supplement his income from his “day job”. James and his wife lived in an apartment with their child and needed additional cash to support the growing family.

James was not an expert in business, particularly the fashion industry. He didn’t know how to start Wuxly Outdoor wear. how do birds mate

James was looking for a coat to wear with his wife in Toronto’s cold weather. He couldn’t find a coat made from animal-derived materials. Wuxly Outerwear was created by him and a friend who happens to be a tailor.

Creative ways to make money

Here are 29 ways you can make your first $100 side hustle. These unconventional ways show that you don’t have to be an expert or have a lot of spare time.

Each side hustle idea will be broken down by:

  • How much effort you will need to make the idea a reality what skills, time and experience you have.
  • Leverage How well you are positioned to make the idea a money-making business that grows in value without your direct attention. Low leverage ideas are a 1:1 trade of your time for money. High leverage ideas will yield a greater return on your investment, often resulting in passive Income.
  • Startup Costs: The initial budget that you will need to launch your idea.
  • Potential earnings How much you can make per year from your side hustle.

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