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Differences between Domestic and Commercial Cleaning in Atlanta

Many business owners will mistake hiring domestic cleaners for their commercial properties. They do this because they want to save their money but soon realize their mistake. The building and the things and furniture inside are not cleaned. After realizing what they have done, they hire commercial cleaning services in Atlanta to rectify the error.

Insight Into Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Business owners might get confused when deciding on which commercial cleaners to select because several are giving almost the same cleaning services. You have to know which kinds of commercial spaces and businesses these companies clean. You have to find a cleaning company that is handling

1.   Banks

2.   Medical and healthcare centers

3.   Religious facilities

4.   Retail stores

5.   Auto dealerships and workshops

6.   Office buildings

7.   Fitness centers

8.   Educational institutes

9.   Restaurants and hotels

10.   Stadiums, property, and event management

11.   Government and public buildings

Understanding Services in Domestic Cleaning

It has been mentioned that the business owners make the mistake of hiring domestic cleaning for their commercial space. They are not aware of the services they provide and how they perform their duties. The duties of a domestic cleaner include sweeping the floor, vacuuming window treatments, carpets, rugs, and couches, dusting everything, deep bathroom and kitchen cleaning, changing bed linen, and emptying the trash.

Dissimilarities between Residential and Corporate Cleaning Services

People think that there are several similarities between commercial and domestic cleaning because they both clean properties. But what they forget is the name is the first difference to notice. Domestic involves houses and commercial cleaning deals with spaces mentioned in the above point of insight into commercial cleaning.

Dealing with Different Property Type

The first difference that you can notice is the residential and commercial janitorial services deals in the property. Domestic cleaning involves various kinds of houses that range from two to ten rooms accommodation. But a commercial can be as large as an airport or a large shopping mall. These buildings can have between ten to thousand rooms or areas depending on the area in which they are built.

Cleaning Process is Changed

Although removing the furniture and equipment and then placing them back is a part of the duty of both commercial and domestic. But the commercial cleaning staff is the only group of individuals who know how to put everything back into place. The main reason is that they have the equipment to lift heavy things.

Advanced Technology is Used in Commercial Cleaning

As commercial space is huge; so sometimes it becomes difficult for the cleaning staff to clean the facility themselves. Heavy equipment is required, like robots or automated machines, to accomplish the task of thorough cleaning. These machines can cover a large area in little time. But in domestic cleaning, there is no need to use large machinery.

The hiring of Cleaning Staff is Different

Company owners have to note that when they contact the cleaning businesses like Jan Pro Atlanta, cleaning staff will always be more than fifty. Also, an important point to note here is that businesses can’t expect the whole building to be cleaned in a day. It might take one to two weeks to finish cleaning the whole commercial space.

Commercial cleaning services are higher because of the large size of property, material, tools, and techniques used, the number of staff hired for cleaning the large facility, and how much time is needed to clean. In residential cleaning, the property is smaller compared to a commercial space, fewer employees are hired, and the products used are normal than commercial ones.

Diversified Cost of Both Cleaning Services

Working Time can be Contrasting

People will always prefer daytime cleaning staff in their homes, although there is no compulsion. Homeowners don’t want to have outsiders in their homes at night. But businesses have different working timings, so the commercial cleaning services in Atlanta have to adjust their timing according to the convenience of their clients.

It should be clear that commercial is poles apart from domestic cleaning. So, businesses must consider these differences before hiring a cleaning company.

Here are three questions that will further elaborate on the benefits of commercial cleaning services and what they consist of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does everybody need commercial cleaning services?

Today, the spread of the Coronavirus and its variants is the most important reason for hiring commercial cleaning services in Atlanta. Other reasons include cost-efficient, using the latest technologies, recommended cleaning products, and completing the task in the suggested time.

What are the most valuable tips about a commercial cleaning service?

While searching for the right commercial cleaning service, you have to look into the years in which they have been working, the experience of the staff, affordable price, and finishing cleaning job in time.

 What type of cleaning is included in commercial cleaning?

The commercial cleaning involves daily deep cleaning of various commercial spaces. These areas include medical, healthcare, religious facilities, banks, office buildings, retail stores, fitness centers, auto dealerships and workshops, restaurants, hotels, educational institutes, government, public buildings, stadium, property, and event management.

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