A Complete Guide To Hiring A Dot Net Developer Offshore

Outsourcing has emerged as a great idea for expanding productivity for a business in recent years. In the beginning, it was seen distinctly as a low-cost option in contrast to recruiting in-house employees, but now, it has emerged as a significant business strategy for smaller and bigger businesses. 

Outsourcing a Dot Net Developers helps businesses flourish and develop a lot quicker while reducing costs. Whether you are a startup or an established business, outsourcing Dot Net developer is the right choice for you. Let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring a Dot Net developer.

Why are Dot Net developers in demand?

Offshoring Dot Net developers has been in high demand for the longest time and will keep on being pursued by startups as well as bigger businesses. 

But, the question is: why is the demand for Dot Net developers so high?

The reason is quite simple.

Dot Net developers are skilled and capable of utilising any sort of software product virtually, be it front end, back end, mobile applications or web-based applications.

In simpler words, Dot Net software engineers are hired for different kinds of projects and consequently, every Dot Net development organisation needs to outsource a Dot Net developer. This tells you why you should want to outsource a Dot Net developer who is exceptionally talented and proficient for your venture.

Top 5 Skills You Need to Look For in Dot Net Developers:

Here is an overall checklist of the features of a Dot Net developer. you want to remember while recruiting:


Microsoft has its own cloud platform named Azure and it is one of the most famous cloud platforms worldwide. This is why the demand for Dot Net developers who are skilled with these functions is increasing with each passing day. The assets required for the project and the utilisation of computing power are the definitive elements in marking the cost for Azure services.

Ability to Refactor Code

A Dot Net developer should have the ability to refactor codes. As each refactoring inspects the entire scope of the code selection, it then applies the code to the entire area, including cross-language code, and uses this information to change codes. A Dot Net developer should start by working on a current application with possibly poor code quality. They should be able to rearrange the code without modifying the outer conduct to expand the code quality.


When you are choosing Dot Net as technology, this is the main skill set you should search for in a Dot Net developer for a software development process. Search for Dot Net developers who are equipped with skills in database technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Cosmos DB. Dot Net developers work with different data sets and hence, proficiency in a wide range of datasets is an important requirement to develop optimised web pages. 

Ability to Work in SCRUM

Apart from all the ideal abilities, the ability to work in Scrum is quite possibly the most preferred procedure in agile frameworks. Scrum stands for Systematic Customer Resolution Unraveling Meeting. You can utilise it to foster specific functionalities of web applications and administrations. Any programmer including a Dot Net developer must have the ability to work in SCRUM.  You will be able to deal with Project Managers more effectively if you learn this skill. 

MCSD Certification

If you are looking to outsource a Dot Net developer, look out for the MCSD certificate as it is in high demand in the market. MCSD stands for Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. A Dot Net developer who is capable of this skill set is profoundly more suitable than the one who does not have the certificate. Microsoft is responsible for its maintenance and development, and the certification process is refreshed every two years. Hence, a Dot Net developer with experience must have this certificate to be a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

Here is a rundown of systems that a suitable front-end Dot Net developer should be comfortable with:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap.

If you are searching for a back-end Dot Net developer, focus on whether the candidate knows:

  • Signal R

A candidate approaching for a position of a Dot Net developer should be well-versed with the following:

  • Windows controls
  • Windows workflow foundation
  • Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Dot Net programming concepts


Basically, we can say that Dot Net developers are exceptionally in demand these days. Also, their abilities should be known beforehand so that you can bring the best out of their skill sets. One should not disregard the theoretical knowledge as well as the technical abilities of a valuable Dot Net developer. 

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