How Many Types Of Bed Bugs Are There?

Bed bugs have caused health problems for human beings. There were given the name bed bug as they are commonly found in beds. But they may also be found in couches, cracks, hotels, airplanes, and crevices. Normally, they reside where human being are because they feed mostly on human blood. They also feed on blood of rodents, birds, and bats. Bed bugs are not the best company to have in bed as they suck your blood as you sleep. The bites get inflamed and itchy in the morning. Generally, bed bugs belong to the Cimicidae insect family. There are many kinds of bed bug types including:

1. Cimex Lectularius

These are the most common type of household bed bugs. It is the most ancient bed bug as it has existed for thousands of years. There are tiny insects that flourish in temperate climate and feed on human blood. They have a length of about ¼ inch and are brown in color. They change to a reddish color and swell drastically after feeding.

2. Cimex adjunctus

These are bugs that feed on bats’ blood. You can get them mostly in tropical locations. Despite the fact that bats are their primary hosts, some do also pick human hosts, especially in homes infested by bats. Cimex adjuctus are very similar to cimex Lectularious. In fact, the two may only be distinguished by use of a microscope.

3. Cimex Hemipterus

These species of bugs are found mainly in tropical regions and their primary hosts are poultry. However, they can also attack human beings. These bugs are widespread in chicken houses, where they emerge at the night to suck blood from turkey, chickens, and other fowl. People who spend most of the time around poultry are also prone to Cimex Hemipterus bites, especially during the evening hours. Proof of Cimex Hemipterus bites is like that of cimex lectularious bites: both leave tiny, red, itchy bumps.

4. Oeciacus

These are parasitic insects that generally live in the nests of swallows, where they feed on birds’ blood. When the swallows move and the Oeciacus bugs lose their hosts, they too migrate to homes of humans to look for a new host. They look and behave just like cimex leactularious bugs, invading bedrooms, couches and other regions where human beings spend most of their time resting.

5. Fabricus

This type of bed bug is mainly found in tropical as well as sub-tropical regions. It usually infests residential places, hotels and lodgings. In fact, people who spend most of their time, especially nights, in these places are the main carriers of fabricius from one area to another by means of their clothing or luggage. When Fabricius attack a place, they mainly reside in a particular location within the bug-ridden premise.


It is vital to correctly identify bed bugs prior to starting treatment of an invasion. Wrong control methods may prove ineffective and might be harmful. It’s therefore important to get in touch with your home pest control experts so as to arrange for an assessment and consultation.

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