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How often do I need to get my car serviced?

Owning a car is like getting a responsibility. It may start with the insurance plans, keeping the engine in good condition, and maintaining it for smooth rides and a better appearance. People who are lazy in taking care of their car may find it difficult to carry regular servicing as to them the vehicle seems to be a means of conveyance only. They often fail to keep the car in good condition that’s why often need mobile car repair servicesas they never know which part malfunctions and need timely replacement. However, car lovers do not need such reminders as they do frequent servicing and repair checks to maintain the car in the best form possible.

If you are also not among the car enthusiasts, you may probably find it hard to know the best time for car service. First of all, your car manufacturer may have provided a manual of maintenance to keep the car in good condition that retains its new-like appearance and value. Secondly, you can refer to this quick guide to find the right time to get your car serviced.

What a car service includes?

It starts with a brief inspection of the car like checking oil, brakes, filter, electronic and mechanical systems. The initial inspection is carried out to ensure the car is in working condition and safe to drive.

The service cost may not include the filter and oil as you will need to pay separately for it. Once the brief inspection completes, the mechanic moves to a detailed examination. It includes a review of the different parts that may either need repairs or replacement. You may need to pay any repair or replacement charges for the parts that are not worthy to be used. There are professional smart repairs in Dubai to seek assistance for the regular or annual servicing of your car. you may find plenty of options to try for the safest and most reliable repairs nearest to your location.

How often do you need to service your car?

If you own a new car, most probably the maker will give you a roadmap for an entire year. It may be a complementary plan for buying a new car as it may or may not cover the entire service cost with exclusion to major repairs. So, for a year or so you will never have to worry about how and when do you need your car to be serviced.

According to various car manufacturers, an ideal time to get a vehicle serviced is a year or 12000 miles, whichever comes earlier. The need to service your car also depends on the way you drive it. If you retain it as a family car, it may cover 10-15 miles a day maximum with exceptions to a few long-distance tours. However, a stop-and-go driving style or carrying heavy loads may require you frequent vehicle servicing.

Look into the handbook that comes with your vehicle to find the ideal intervals for service. repair and maintenance checks and service requirements may vary between different makes and models of the car. Vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology may have sensor alarms to remind you to take the car to a mechanic or dealing agent. 

Let me share a quick guide for you to consider for car servicing. Have a look at it and devise a plan for you. These are the general tips and strategies for taking care of a vehicle. These apply to most of the make and models. However, you need to consider and pick them according to the specific type of car you own.

Car service checklist after every 6 months or riding 12,000 kilometers, whichever comes first

  • Change oil filter
  • Check if engine oil needs replacement

Consider after every 2 years or complete a mileage of 40,000 kilometers

  • Air filter check
  • Check brakes
  • Examine transmission
  • Review tires’ condition

After every 3-4 years or driving about 70,000 kilometers, change

  • Fuel filter
  • Battery

Driving for around 6 years or 80,000 kilometers, repair or replace

  • Wiper rubbers
  • Clutch
  • Water pump
  • Timing belt

Find a reliable car service center to keep a check on your car maintenance so that it stay young, fit, and valuable. Well-maintained cars tend to attract a large community of car lovers who are in search of owners who take great care in keeping the car in mint condition.

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