The Step by Step Guide about How to Make A Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

A bubble elevator in Minecraft is a glass elevator that allows the player to ride up or down without using any energy source. It’s entirely powered by air! If you are an impatient person, this elevating building is ideal for you because it can ferry you to your destination in no time. This method works perfectly in strongholds, dungeons, and mines, making it very convenient, especially if you are digging deep down.

Material Required   

To build your Bubble elevator, gather the following materials: two Soul Sand, two Magma Blocks, and at least two Water Buckets. The Soul Sand makes your water elevator bubble, causing you to rise, and the Magma Block creates bubbles in your water elevator, making you descend.

Steps about how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft?

The sides of our elevator were constructed using glass in the guide below, but you may use any available building supplies. The Up Current required to power the elevator is created with Soul Sand and Magma Blocks, respectively, while the Down Current necessitates both.

You can install a water heater as low as 30 gallons. To fill the Water Buckets, reverse the procedure for filling your kitchen sink. You don’t need two Water Buckets, but it does eliminate the need to make multiple trips. Follow these steps to finish the elevator installation.

  • Find flat space to make your elevator. Ensure you have enough room for the bottom and top entrances (about 6-7 blocks in every direction). I would recommend placing a block or two around where you are building to keep it from looking messy when you fill in the gaps later on.
  • Start with the bottom entrance. This is probably very difficult-to-impossible if you do not already know how to stack stairs, so here’s a brief explanation of that concept: place one block directly in front of where you want your door, then place another vertically next to it so that you can step up onto both blocks at once. Repeat this until you’ve built up about four or five blocks, then place a block underneath the entire stairway. Repeat this for the top entrance.
  • Starting with one side, build up 2-3 layers of your stairs. Then, in the middle of that section, dig out 1 or 2 blocks so that you can fit in another layer of stairs (you should be able to do this just by placing blocks next to each other without any space in between them). Continue building upwards until either you run out of room/materials; depending on how much material you have leftover from before, it might be more convenient to make an upper entrance at this point instead (it’s like making two towers and putting them together).
  • Once you’ve finished the frame of both elevators, fill them in with cobblestone or wood planks until they reach about 6-7 blocks high (you could also use stone if it’s available to you). Then, climb up to where your bottom entrance starts and dig out two spaces so that you can fit another layer of stairs. Repeat this for the top opening. Fill these new gaps using more cobblestone or wood planks to make everything nice and smooth on the outside.
  • Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have enough room for a roof. If water is nearby, I would recommend making one if there are mobs above by setting up fences in a semicircle on the second-highest layer of stairs, then flooding it.
  • Build a winding staircase to get up to the top floor. A good way of doing this is by making all your steps two high on one side, then alternating between 1 high and three high on the other (place the taller blocks on opposite sides). If you still have stairs leftover from before but don’t want them sticking out so much, replace some of your current ones with ladders instead.
  • Place torches near where you are going to build the platform so that mobs won’t spawn or if they do, they’ll come after you while building instead of spawning directly on top of you at night.
  • Make a space with stairs on one side leading up and another space surrounded by a wall on the other. Fill in the space next to the walls (on the inside only) with ladders.
  • Build two blocks high of whatever you want your roof to be made out of (wood planks/cobblestone). Ensure that there are no places where mobs can spawn or jump up (try making it look like an upside-down U if you don’t know what I mean).
  • Repeat steps 7 & 8 until the top layer is finished. Then place torches everywhere along all sides of your elevator to make it safe from mobs at night. All that’s left to do is add a ladder in the middle and a trapdoor on top of your roof!

What are the benefits of bubble elevator in Minecraft?

The Bubble Elevator has many benefits, but here are two major ones:


Who wouldn’t want to travel easily, especially during emergencies? The bubble elevators will not only help you save time, but they also have comprehensive range coverage, so whether you live on the 39th floor of a skyscraper or in the bowels of a mine, you can guarantee that this elevating building is ready and available for you.


Good news! You don’t need to spend hours building your bubble elevators because they only take minutes to make, and since they are powered by air, then no significant effects on your physical strength (except for all the heavy breathing). Just get some glass blocks and build for yourself an elevator bed. A word of advice, though, do not run out of breath when you reach the top or bottom floor of your stronghold/dungeon/mine; doing so would mean certain death.

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Is kelp necessary for the construction of bubble elevator?

Yes. You will need kelp for the construction of the bubble elevator. Go at the upper part of the elevator and take a bucket full of water. Place this bucket in the elevator. Then take a pause. It will go to downward on its own. The next process is that take kelp and place it in the elevator. By doing so the water will start following in the blocks.

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