How To Tame A Panda In Minecraft? Everything You Need To Know

Since the release of Minecraft in 2011, pandas have been a very favorite animal for many players. Many people want to play as a panda in Minecraft. Since the release of Minecraft’s new snapshot version, pandas have finally been added in. They are very similar to bamboo-eating real-life pandas, except they are green with black spots and have tiny eyes. Pandas are only found in jungles/tropical forests which you can see by following a river upwards or sometimes just in the middle of a jungle.  After reading this article, you will learn about how to tame pandas in Minecraft? How pandas behave In Minecraft.

Pandas are very docile animals and will not attack you even if you attack them first – but pandas have no way of defending themselves, so if something more significant than them strikes, they’re toast! Pandas yield 0-2 bamboo when killed by a player. This is the only food pandas eat, and they will starve without it.

Pandas can breed if a female panda is within 3-5 blocks of a male panda. The baby pandas will be smaller than adult pandas and will not attack the player when they grow up, making them ideal pets.

Best ways to tame a panda in minecraft: Method 1

If you’ve ever played Minecraft before, then it’s likely that you already know all about taming animals. You can do it with wolves, cows, pigs, and horses, but pandas are a little bit harder to tame. However, if you manage to do so successfully, it is straightforward to breed more pandas without going back through the taming process again.   

Step One: Bait The Panda With A Carrot Or Sugar Cane

This process of taming one panda at a time will be enough for your needs. All you need is some carrots or sugar cane (beetroots also work). Dig these plants and then use them as bait to attract the panda over.

Step Two: Give The Panda A Name

The next step is straightforward if you’ve ever had a pet before. Just use your naming screen and give the animal a name of your choosing. This process can be done in either single or multiplayer mode. For example, you will want to name it something like “Tame-pandas” or “Pandason.” You can also go with something like “Panda-Master” or “Pandalord,” but that may be getting too ambitious for this particular taming process.

Step Three: Do Not Kill It Or Worry About Its Health

If you’re only trying to tame one panda, there’s no need to worry about its health. The process of taming it will automatically take care of that. If you’re trying to take care of several pandas at once, I suggest that you stock up on food or potions even though you don’t need potions for this step.

Step Four: Bring It Back To Your Base (If You Have A Base)

As soon as the panda is named, you can bring it back to your base (if any). This is especially important if many pandas are involved because they might all die for no reason otherwise. Remember that the panda doesn’t need an animal bed or sleeping bag, so just let it do whatever it wants after bringing it to your base.   

That should be enough information regarding taming pandas in Minecraft. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below, and we will try to help as best as we can.

Best Way To Tame A Panda In Minecraft: Method 2

  • Place a female panda into a 2×2 pen. Make sure this isn’t an enclosure that a male panda can get out of, as you don’t want them to breed yet.
  • Feed the female 2-3 cakes so she won’t attack you. Then, she placed a single patty on top of her head and waited for it to be eaten by the panda’s nose. If she doesn’t eat it, wait until another one does, as this will need to happen if the process works.
  • As soon as he eats it, you can now remove all other pandas from the enclosure(s) because they’re no longer needed, but do not take away any armor or weapons from your character, then there’s no way that you’ll be able to tame the panda.
  • The female should now fall asleep, and you can remove all of her armor and pick up the panda cub that was just born.
  • If this is your first time taming pandas, I suggest that you name it “TamePandas.” It will make things easier for later on when more pandas are involved, so they can all have generic names like TamePandas, PandaMaster, or Pandaworld.   

The behavior of panda in Minecraft

Minecraft panda is a variant of the well-known animal. Pandas in vanilla Minecraft (when no mods are used) do not care about each other and wander around mountains, forests and grasslands; sometimes, they jump on trees. When pandas enter the water, they swim as any other character moves in that game.

Modded version of pandas:

 When you hit them with an arrow (or throw anything else at them), their normal behavior will be stopped and instead of just taking damage from their hands. Your panda will chase you to claim its revenge! And this doesn’t mean you can hit it once, take cover for a moment And wait for it to go away – nope, the panda will not stop until you are dead, or it is.

Fighting with pandas:

  • Melee’s weapons are useless against them (they keep running away). However, ranged weapons are good. Also, try to trap them in a corner or behind an obstacle – this way, they won’t be able to keep running away from you and attack at the same time, giving you more chances for victory.
  • Be careful when using your bow pandas,  know when you aim at them, so use it wisely! They may also realize what weapon you are carrying so if you have a sword out, they might have an advantage over you.
  • Also, note that pandas will appear in any world, not just forest bio-mes – but due to their speed underground, they will be trounced by mobs there. So take care before embarking on an adventure into caves!
  • And one last thing: panda pelt is a great new material to craft armor, so hunt them for their meat and fur!


In Minecraft, you can tame a panda this way. It is an adventurous and challenging game that many people love. A bunch of adorable animals like pandas in your possession, however, makes everything more enjoyable. You cannot tame pandas like a fox, cat, fish, etc. You have to wait and follow the methods described above.

You can have the nicest panda in your possession if you follow these instructions. We hope that you enjoyed the article and the comprehensive tutorial, even though there are some things that you need to consider.


Is it possible to put a lead on a panda?

The answer is yes. Boats help you to lead pandas to your base since these animals are only found in jungles.

Which panda is the rarest in Minecraft?

The brown panda
Brown pandas are the rarest type of panda. Baby pandas react by ” jumping” on the spot if they sneeze. Pandas may roll around from time to time.

Is it possible to saddle a panda in Minecraft?

 If you feed it bamboo, you can tame it.  You can also place a cake in the saddle slot while seated on the panda and ride it. Bamboo gives a faster ride.

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