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Logos, Flyers, and Business Entities: How to Start a Business in the LGBTQ+ Community

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Whether you are a cis person or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, there is no denying that this group of individuals is grossly underserved. But more and more businesses are stepping forward with care, compassion, and the understanding that people are people and everyone deserves respect. If you are looking to start a business or to help someone within this community start a business, these tips from Dailiest are for you.

First Steps: Business Entities, Logos, and Flyers

When you’re standing at the precipice of making a major life decision, you’re likely filled with questions about how to get started. When it comes to starting a business, many of the fundamental steps needed before launch can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, they are not as challenging as you might expect. Establishing your business entity and creating a DBA is a great example. Filing for your business entity is easy enough to do online, and you can even set a DBA name using a web-based service. The benefit of these are that you can separate your personal and business finances while also opening up room for expansion under different names down the road.

Another challenge that isn’t as difficult to overcome as you might expect is marketing. If you are straight or cis, you might be concerned that marketing to people outside of your own preferences might come across as demeaning. But there is nothing wrong with being a supporter of those outside of your small personal bubble. 

Coming up with a preliminary marketing strategy in your business plan is essential. When coming up with your plan, be sure to do some market research. Not only will you see who your competitors are, but you’ll also study the advertising and community engagement approaches they’re using to reach the public so you can tailor your approach accordingly. A few tried-and-true marketing tips include respectfully advertising within both mainstream and LGBTQ+ media outlets and designing marketing materials with a broad appeal.

For your logo and other visual materials, stick to something that will appeal to your largest potential audience. Listen to your customers, talk with people within the community, and then get to work on your logo. While you might think you have to pay a graphic designer, have you ever used an online logo maker? Free resources like this can help you sidestep budget concerns to come up with a design that gets your message across. You can adjust everything from your colors and fonts to the text and images you use in your logo. You may also consider hosting a focus group to see if there are any offensive elements that you may have missed.

Lastly, you can announce the creation of your business with the help of a business flyer. Business flyers are a cost-effective way to promote the launch of your business. By creating a well-designed flyer, you can attract potential customers and give them an idea of what your business has to offer. With the help of online apps, you can easily start creating your business flyers without breaking the bank. These apps offer pre-made templates and easy-to-use design tools, making it simple for even the most design-challenged individuals to create a flyer that stands out. By using a business flyer to promote your launch, you can reach a larger audience and generate more interest in your new business.

Showing Up for Your Community

All businesses have a responsibility to be good stewards of their respective communities. When you are within the LGBTQ+ community, look for ways to truly show up for the people who support your business. Consider sponsoring events, helping spread awareness of issues within this community, or opening up a safe place for young people who may be struggling with identity issues.

How Small Businesses Make an Impact

Small businesses have a huge impact on the micro-economy of their neighborhoods. As an entrepreneur, you are in a unique position to do things such as:

  • Have a diversified workplace. Having a diverse workplace has benefits for you, but it also gives people who have faced discrimination in the past an opportunity to move forward in their careers.
  • Expand the marketplace. One of the greatest benefits to your community will be that you can bring new products and services to your area. While you might have a bakery in town, for example, you may not have one that offers specifically French or Italian treats.

While it might be expensive to start a new business, it is not as challenging as it may appear, and the rewards you will reap are many. To get started, handle some basic business tasks, like setting up your business structure and DBA. Then, learn how to market to your target demographic. One final piece of advice: if you’re struggling, look for a business mentor or consultant with experience launching within the LGBTQ+ community.

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