Lyrics Mania has a ranking where we can see which are the most searched song lyrics

 as well as being able to access them quickly. Another curious addition is the fact that we can export some verse of the melodies as if it were a postcard. The problem that we have found is that the recognition based on external sound is not entirely accurate. Despite this, it is an application that is updated quite regularly, so we may have to retract our words in the near future. Hopefully it will be like that.Each of these five apps has its own little niche.

since they have their own characteristics

 that make them stand out. If we are looking for an app that takes up little space and is compatible with numerous applications, «Lyrics» is the best option for it. On the other hand, if we want to know everything about the songs we listen to, there is no doubt that Genius is the option to choose. If we had to keep the most complete of all, this would be Musixmatch. Its large catalog and the diversity of options it offers place it in the first position if we look for the most powerful.

from certain popular groups and there Letras Mania gets a point for being able to do so. Shazam goes a bit on its own, since its lyrics viewer is just another addition, but it’s perfect for those who don’t want an application dedicated mainly to that, thanks to its other

The best thing is that you weigh the pros and cons of each of them, and that you choose accordingly. There are options to choose from, it only remains to select which will be the best for each of us.

Song Lyrics English song lyrics, Spanish songs, movie song lyrics and translated songs

LYRICS Mania Thousands of song lyrics sorted by categories

Letrasmania Complete collection of more than 700,000 lyrics by artists of all genres.

Letras4U Translated into Spanish. Now you can know the translation of your favorite music, and you can send your own translations or request the song you want.

LyricsMode Over 650,000 files from 25,000 different artists. New letters added every day

Lyrics Portal This website contains song lyrics and a multitude of free music content, artist lyrics, song lyrics, videos, latest news, photos, images and covers, melodies, musical performers totally free.

 lyricsgratis.com.ar Thousands of song lyrics to download for FREE.

PlanetadeLetras Database of song lyrics by international artists, especially in Spanish and English!

QueDeLetras.com QueDeLetras.com is not only a website with more than 90,000 Song Lyrics, we also have thousands of video clips, discographies, biographies, photos, forums, surveys, album information, upcoming releases of thousands of musical artists.

LetrasdeCanciones.net  Complete list with all your favorite songs.

LyricWiki Find the lyrics of the song you are listening to in your music player. LyricWiki is compatible with foobar2000, Winamp, Windows Media Player and musikCube. When a song plays on one of these players, LyricWiki looks for the lyrics in the LyricWiki.org database, which contains more than 800,000 songs in different languages, including Spanish.

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player Thanks to Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player, you can enjoy the lyrics of each song integrated into your player.

EvilLyrics With EvilLyrics, you will be able to have the lyrics of the song that you are playing in Winamp at that moment in a few seconds. The program analyzes the content of the tags, searches for the letter in various Internet databases and once it finds it, it displays it in its own mini-interface.

MiniLyrics MiniLyrics is a fun free application that integrates with your music player (Winamp, Windows Media Player…) to offer you the lyrics of your songs while you listen to them.

Lyricsnmusic.com  Complete search engine integrated with Wikipedia, Youtube, last.fm, iTunes, etc.

Songs Translated More than 25,000 song best lyrics website translated into Spanish of all genres. It has a powerful search engine to find your favorite songs.

Signet! Application for I Phone and I Pad that automatically detects and shows you the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

Buluba.com     Find the lyrics of the song you are looking for in this extensive directory. You can print them, or share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Alphabeticallists and most popular songs.

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