6 online shopping mistakes that the Swiss make

Being able to buy online is a very nice thing for most Swiss consumers. This type of purchase makes shopping easier and more comfortable. In fact, they can find the best prices and the best qualities while staying in the comfort of their own home. Also, they receive their orders at home without having to travel.

However, there are some very common mistakes made by Swiss online shoppers. In this article, we will mention the different errors encountered and discuss how we can avoid them.

1. Buy from unknown websites

Sometimes if the Swiss find a very low price for a product they are looking for and they buy it without paying attention to the site that offers it. In fact, this is a very serious mistake, because there are scam sites that can, by inserting your bank details, hack and steal from you.

So, we advise you to take certain precautions and to check the site carefully before making your purchases. Try looking for reviews from other consumers who have ordered from the site and make sure the selling company has a contactable address and phone number.

2. Not comparing prices

The second thing, which the Swiss sometimes ignore, is to make a price comparison before buying. Indeed, this comparison helps to find the lowest price and save money on online purchases. Through competition, online sellers try to offer the lowest price in order to attract buyers and sell their products. However, buying an item at a low price does not mean that it is good. To do this, we advise you to consult websites, to discover the best products on the market and get a good quality/price deal.

3. Forget about shipping costs

Ignoring shipping costs is a serious mistake that many Swiss online shoppers make. Sometimes they think they got a really good deal by paying a few dollars to buy a product. However, they find that they have to pay a lot more for delivery and sometimes they pay on shipping more than on the product itself.

So if you want to buy online, consider the purchase price and shipping costs in parallel. You can even filter the product list to only see items with free shipping.

4. Use a public internet connection

Shopping online using a public internet is a very bad idea and very dangerous. The problem is that your personal information and bank details shared with the seller, over a public connection, can be easily hacked. So never do that and make sure you shop at home.

5. Not checking product dimensions

Sometimes we are so amazed by an article that we buy it without taking into account the table of dimensions or sizes offered by the seller. In fact, for clothes or shoes for example, sizes and sizes differ from one seller to another and from one country to another. Take the example of Chinese sites which are known to have sizes smaller than European standards. And so the Swiss must be careful about this point and check the size chart before placing their order. By consulting this table, you buy the article according to the measurements proposed by the seller rather than your usual size.

Also, you must consult the dimensions of any item (furniture, supplies, etc.) to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

6. Not reading reviews from other consumers

Sometimes, we are so dazzled by an article and we buy it without reading the comments of other consumers who have hated it. Unfortunately, upon delivery, we will be shocked!

Most retail websites offer a page to give buyers the chance to share their experiences with their products, write reviews, and give feedback. So, we advise you never to buy a product without knowing the opinions of others about it. You can even find forums that are interested in this.

By following this tip, you will have a better idea regarding the quality of the product, its features and the sales company from which you will buy.

Buy smart online

It’s so true that buying online makes life easier and offers lots of promotions and discounts, but it can also be dangerous. Giving personal and banking information to any online seller can be a real disaster. Also, buying a product without paying attention to its characteristics and without reading the reviews of other users is a very bad idea. So, we advise you to check that you are going to buy safely and that you will receive a good quality product.

How to Stay Safe and Save Money While Shopping Online in Switzerland?

Online shopping has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle for Swiss consumers. It’s convenient, and comfortable, and offers numerous benefits such as finding the best prices and quality products. However, there are several mistakes that Swiss online shoppers make, which can result in security risks and financial losses.

One of the most common mistakes is purchasing from unknown websites, which can be a scam and lead to hacking and stealing of personal information. It’s essential to verify the website’s authenticity and check for reviews before making any purchases.

Another common mistake is not comparing prices before making a purchase. Swiss shoppers often buy products without checking if they are available at a lower price on other websites. It’s essential to compare prices and find the best deals to save money.

Ignoring shipping costs is also a significant mistake that can result in overspending. Swiss shoppers need to consider the purchase price and shipping costs simultaneously and filter out products with free shipping.

Using a public internet connection for online shopping is a terrible idea as it can lead to hacking and stealing of personal and financial information. Swiss shoppers should avoid using public Wi-Fi networks and shop from the comfort of their homes.

Lastly, not reading reviews from other consumers can lead to disappointment and a waste of money. Swiss shoppers should always read reviews and feedback from other buyers to make an informed decision.

Swiss online shoppers need to be cautious and follow these tips to stay safe and save money while shopping online.

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