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4 Innovative Solutions for Home Maintenance Problems

Regardless of whether you own or are renting a house, there are some things that you cannot avoid. Things like furnishing your home, painting, hanging pictures, and providing a comfortable space to live in are vital. The same goes for keeping your home clean, free of germs, and safe for your loved ones is also essential. All of these things can be done by you and are just part of the responsibility of running a home. However, what happens when there are maintenance issues around the house?

Continue reading to learn about some maintenance items reoccurring in homes and discover some innovative solutions to those issues.

Things breaking around the home are unavoidable. There will be issues with appliances and wear and tear of high-use items. Even with a busy schedule that includes work and family, maintenance issues will become more significant if not dealt with immediately. Therefore, instead of sticking their head in the sand, finding solutions to those problems is vital to avoid more critical issues.

While some problems may require an emergency service call, others can be solved in the meantime with innovative solutions. Some of the most common issues include:

1. Smelly Dishwashers

What happens when the foul smell in your kitchen isn’t coming from your trash can? You start going through your pantry to make sure that nothing has rotted, and you even check your refrigerator. Finding nothing, you open the dishwasher, and the smell almost knocks you off your feet.

In addition to food and grease becoming trapped in the crevices of your dishwasher, mold can also form in there, causing unbelievable odors. Instead of running to the nearest home store, you can clean and deodorize your dishwasher yourself.

Consult the dishwasher manual or go to the brand’s website online. To clean, you will remove and soak the filter in soapy water or baking soda, or vinegar. You should also use that water and mixture to clean all the crevices and gunk out.

2. Loud Cabinet Doors

Hearing cabinet doors close all day can be annoying. You haven’t gotten around to installing slow-close hinges, and the noise of the cabinets is increasingly driving you crazy. Some quick and innovative fixes for loud cabinet doors include:


Adding bumpers to your cabinet doors is an easy and cheap solution for loud cabinet doors. Bumper pads can be made by sticking duct tape in certain spots along with the cabinet doors. However, bumper pads can be purchased and are also inexpensive. Adding them to the cabinet doors will significantly reduce the sound of closing cabinets.

Lubricate Hinges

If the hinges are a problem and create noise when closing the cabinets, consider a household lubricant like WD-40 or even petroleum jelly.

3. Clogged Gutter

There are times when the problems will start outside your house but can create problems inside. That includes gutters. When they become clogged and the water cannot get through, it means that wet leaves are sitting on your home, and that moisture can be damaging. In addition to messing with your home’s siding, it can lead to mold, mildew, and even flooding.

Since you aren’t a fan of climbing a 19-foot ladder, it will be tempting to call a contractor to clean your gutter. However, you know that could involve additional time and expense. Having a ladder gutter protector will make getting to your gutters easier and safer. You will feel secure cleaning your gutters with this added tool, which will make the job stress free.

4. Drafty Windows and Doors

Drafty doors and windows can not only leave you cold, but they can also create problems for your energy bill. You will use more electricity trying to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If replacing windows and doors are not an immediate option, although temporary, some innovative solutions include:

  • Add weatherstripping
  • Seal window with nail polish
  • Add additional window dressings, curtains
  • Apply a shrink film
  • Apply foam tape


As you have read, owning or renting a house means that some things can’t be avoided. That includes maintenance around the home. Although there will be times when it is necessary to call a repair person, there are other innovative solutions that you can do immediately to solve those problems. Some of the most common issues and solutions are listed above. If you are dealing with them, try the solutions listed above.

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