The Diversification of Garden Centers and Why the Public Loves Them

There was a time when a garden center was nothing more than where people with green fingers could go and buy gardening tools, healthy plants, and seeds to grow new flora from scratch. Those times, however, are long gone as the garden center scene diversified beyond all recognition, developing into coffee stops, the home of horticultural design, outdoor construction facilities, and places for young, budding gardeners to learn new skills.

Garden Design Store

In the past, gardening was essential to growing food, but with the increased availability of store-bought produce and with more densely populated cities without garden space it would be easy for the hobby to have lost its appeal. However, the evolution of garden centers has no doubt contributed to the prolonged and sustained interest with 77% of American households gardening, including more and more participation from younger adults, according to Garden Research.

Garden centers are common, even close to huge cities like New York, with the Orangerie Garden + Home store serving up indoor and outdoor plants along with garden furniture and gifts to city dwellers looking for a little garden design inspiration.

These designer stores help gardeners looking for chic inspiration, making their gardens look stunning as well as grow healthily.

Outdoor Construction

Garden centers also offer up a whole array of outdoor construction materials, packed and delivered to customers with care. Stores can stock huge amounts of woodchip, gravel, and sand due to their large sites and specialist machinery – conveyor belts such as those manufactured by Fluent Conveyors can handle the heavy loads of garden material, allowing garden centers to provide materials essential for both plants and buildings.

With plenty of fantastic guides for building DIY sheds and flowerbeds, there is no excuse to not make use of the amazing array of building materials sold by garden centers.

Nursery Classes

Finally, garden centers have also become places of education. Through partnerships with online organizations like KidsGardening, garden centers teach children about the importance of gardening, growing vegetables, preserving insects, and allowing pollinators to flourish, giving them a great depth of knowledge about the world’s ecosystems.

Adults looking to start growing their own produce are also getting into classes put on by garden centers, and with vital tips from places like Herb Society of America, there is a whole new generation of home growers coming through thanks to the diversification of the garden center.

With all of this considered, just why does the public love a garden center? By visiting one, the question is answered in a heartbeat. There is simply no other store where all the essential items and services listed above are available, complete with knowledgeable and trustworthy staff members and fantastic prices.

Now that garden centers have started building customers’ sheds, delivering them gravel and bark for flower beds, offering them a place to sit down for a cup of coffee, and giving them delightful design ideas, there simply is no going back to the plain old plant provision service.

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