Todd Chrisley (Wiki): Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth, Career, Early Life And More

The Chrisley family is a famous and well-established American family. They have stood the test of time. They have gone through a lot in life, but they still stand tall in front of everyone else with their heads high up in the air with pride for who they are and what they stand for. Todd Chrisley’s estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2017.

Early Life

Todd Chrisley was born on November 29, 1970 (age 47), along with his twin sister Lindsie. He also has two older siblings named John and Denise, who are both gay parents. His father, Sam Chrisley, worked as a farmer for many years before moving into the real estate business when he was just 14-years old. By the time he was 18, Todd had started his own landscaping company – Tree Line LLC. He often received money from his father, Sam, to keep the business running.


Todd married Julie Chrisley (née Logan) in 2004, and they have five children together – Lindsie, Kyle, Kaisy, Chloe, and Grayson. The first episode of ” The Chrisley’s ” was released on March 11, 2013. The show was 30 minutes long and airs every Thursday at 10 pm EST on USA Network. Todd’s other reality show, White Collar, premiered in 2009 – it also aired weekly for three hours between Tuesday 9 pm-12 am EST.

This series follows the lives of an undercover agent Peter Burke (who has since left the show), as he investigates crime across America with his team members Reagan, Garrett, and Alex. The Chrisley Knows Best web series was first released on the same day as the TV show – it offers a look inside their family’s private life and daily routine. It is still ongoing to this day, with two videos being published every week.

The family lives in Atlanta, Georgia, located in the northern section of Buck-head. They have a beautiful 9-bedroom mansion at 10574 Sandy Springs Circle that looks like something from a fairy-tale. However, Todd reveals how many rooms aren’t even functional as they’re just a waste of space. In one episode, he asks his daughter Lindsie to find uses for all those empty bedrooms so that she can finally have her room instead of sharing with her sister Kyle.


Todd Chrisley Show:

The Todd Chrisley Show is a 30-minute (about) reality show featuring Patriarch Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and their five children Lindsie, Kyle, Kaisy, Chloe, and Grayson. On July 15, 2014, it was announced that the USA had ordered an additional ten episodes for the first season.

The cable series premiered on March 11, 2013, after Chrisley’s other show, USA’s White Collar. The program follows the everyday life of wealthy father-of-five Todd Chrisley as he manages his family life with his wife Julie Chrisley (née Logan), who is also a mother to Kyle. Their real estate mogul lifestyle looks glamorous on the outside, but behind closed doors, they are much different than how they portray themselves on screen. The family is often shown bickering or talking about one another in an overly critical way. Most of the episodes end with Todd trying to solve the problem but failing miserably, causing Julie’s anger to escalate even more than it already had throughout the episode.

His contract with USA Network:

It is rumored that the network gave the family an additional six-figure payment when they filmed two to keep them on the show. Todd also revealed that he wanted to continue working with them after their first season ended. He makes $30,000 per episode.

Todd was reportedly earning $40,000 per episode before signing his new contract in 2014. The following year it became widely known that cast members of other USA show such as ” Suits, “Royal Pains, “and ” Playing House ” were all asking for $100,000 per episode. So, therefore, Todd may have received an increased salary to match these demands at around $130,000 now. However, this hasn’t been confirmed by either side. “NBC gives me notes weekly.” – Todd Chrisley on how much control he has over The Chrisley’s.

Chrisley’s net worth:

USA Today revealed in Nov 2012 that Todd Chrisley’s net worth was estimated to be $1 million before starring on his reality show. They reported that he had used some of his earnings from White Collar to support his lavish lifestyle and make significant investments such as buying a new house for them to live in. The publication also reported how Todd has been trying to “downsize” even before the show first aired a year later, on March 11, 2013. They said he had made “significant cuts in his staff, transportation, wardrobe” and started driving himself to work even though he has a chauffeur.

The following year TV Guide released their annual list of ‘ The 60 Richest Reality Stars ‘ – Todd was ranked at 22. It showed how much each reality star’s salary was this year before taxes, but it didn’t include agents, managers, or lawyers’ fees. Todd reportedly earned around $1 million from the show in 2013. His net worth is now estimated to be somewhere between $10-15 million.

Investment in Real Estate

Buying a $1.6 million home in Nashville, where state income taxes do not apply, was Chrisley’s first move in 2015. A $3.4 million house was purchased by the Chrisleys outside Nashville in June 2019. Despite their alleged financial crimes, they bought the haome for $4.7 million two months later.


  • How successful is the show for USA Network?

The Chrisleys knows best began airing in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2015 that the family became world-famous. When they appeared on “Dr. Phil” to reveal that their former nanny had been leaving threatening voicemails, which led to her arrest, the episode went viral, and people couldn’t stop talking about them.

Since then, they have maintained a substantial social media presence with over 1 million Instagram followers combined across all three accounts. They also have an app where fans can chat live with the couple. Not only has it helped massively increase their online audience, but it has also allowed them to generate income from advertisements via sponsorship’s and merchandise sales.

  • How much money can they make from all their social media accounts?

The couple now makes an estimated $10,000 per episode combined through endorsements with Amazon, AT&T, ZTE, and the official show app. The kids also have their own Instagram accounts, which bring in around $5,000 each. “We’re the biggest brand that USA Network has ever had.” – Todd Chrisley on how much exposure his family can give brands to help them sell products and services.

  • Do the Chrisleys win every time they go head-to-head with a major company?

Yes, because USA Network requires them to promote whatever product or service each of the Chrisleys’ endorsements is for. For example, if the family is asked to do a photo-shoot for a magazine but wants to promote an app also owned by USA Network, the network would require them to mention it within the article. This way, their viewers can discover products and services from both companies.

  • Does Todd ever fulfill his bets with other people?

In season 3 of the show, one episode will involve Todd placing a bet that he could gain three times more followers on Instagram than “Bachelor” star Chris Soules. If he wins, then Soules must give him $10,000 and tattoo the Chrisleys logo onto his body. However, Todd didn’t reveal if this bet had been won or lost by either party.

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