7 Vital Ticketing Systems

The ticket system is usually part of the help desk software. When looking for a company’s ticketing system, it’s essential to consider customer needs and employee workflows.

Ticketing Systems

These are 7ive ticketing systems that will meet the needs of most customer service teams.

HubSpot Free Help Desk and Ticketing Software

This ticketing software is the best open source helpdesk system. HubSpot captures, organises, and tracks your tickets in a single dashboard. Teams are able to check the ticket’s status, its place in the queue, and the time it takes to clear the ticket. Tickets are also synchronised with the CRM customer’s records, allowing agents to see the customer’s past interactions with the company. This is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data. So, it provides sales managers with chances to get their customer experience better.

HubSpot has Service Hub tools. They provide a key advantage to the managers of customer service. So, they have the capability to manage customer demand via factors such as ticket volume and agent response time. Managers can analyse this data and guide the team on issues that need improvement. You can also escalate these common obstacles to your product development team. The product development team can consider these cases when developing a new product. Pro Tip: You can utilise HubSpot, which is a free help desk and ticketing software. So, you can keep a record of all the customer requests existing in a single dashboard.


HappyFox is one of the best ticketing systems in this list. It is an automated ticketing system. HappyFox includes pre-fill ticket qualities. This aspect makes it simpler for representatives to generate and assign tickets.

The tools in HappyFox also have templating options in tickets. So, they can be shared with representatives throughout the whole team. This assists your team in generating a standard layout for all of your tickets, resulting in consistent branding for your customer care staff.


LiveAgent’s software automatically converts all communication with customers into tickets. Then organise your tickets and transfer them to the appropriate agent or shared inbox.

This allows sales reps to streamline information across departments other than customer service. LiveAgent also provides forums, knowledge bases, and FAQ tools to complement the ticketing system.


Front aims to connect to help desk software that allows the entire customer service department to be shared by the entire team. The front ticket system includes a shared support inbox that anyone in the company can view. The shared inbox uses a separate email address to collect service requests in a centralised inbox.

The front also provides collaborative design tools that employees can use to help each other in service and support issues. For example, customer responses to emails can be shared across the team, and teammates can use the tagging feature to send comments. This renders it much simpler for customer support employees to interact in real time on complex situations.


The ticketing mechanism in AzureDesk is special in that it enables an infinite number of email addresses. As a result, users can link as many emails as possible. This aspect will make the whole process easier.

AzureDesk provides a flexible API structure that supports most customer service integrations, so you can easily integrate other support apps such as JIRA and Slack with your ticketing system.


Zendesk’s customizable customer support desk software comes with triggers and automation. For example, sales reps can create macros to respond to regular customer requests quickly.

Each agent has a dashboard view that they can personalise themselves so that you can see the queued tickets, the status of the tickets, and more. Extend your capabilities by combining Zendesk software with one of over 500 integrations and apps.


Freshdesk’s SaaS-based ticketing system allows sales reps to customise the ticket view. This enables you to prioritise and effectively handle client enquiries by setting filters based on ticket parameters such as ticket urgency, ticket level, and ticket category.

Sales reps can also automate routing, updating ticket status, and follow-up communication. Customise these automated tasks for your recipients using workflows based on criteria such as customer location, language, and email subject.


We recommend you hire full stack developer if their work matches your company needs. It is crucial to analyse your company’s needs and then make an informed decision. So, we advise you to perform a deep analysis before choosing a ticketing system for your company. The options we have shared above are suitable options.

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