Website Builder :- Pros and Cons You Must Know Before Fixing a Plan in 2023

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Keeping all the points related to why a website is important to scale up your business and touch the heights,

In this article we would be going to solely focus on the pros and cons you get when you build a website through a website builder.

Firstly we would be focusing on the pros of a website building :-

Price effective :-

A website builder is generally more cheaper than hiring a professional to build your website so it would be a much better idea to create a website through a website builder and save some money out of it too.

No coding skills needed :-

The work gets more easier on the point where you don’t need a particular skill to complete your task which usually needs a high level of experience . A website builder provides you with the best way so that you can create a website of your choice without any skill required.

Fast and effective :-

Creating a website through a website builder is usually the fastest way you can create a website through. Also, you don’t have to indulge in understanding the functions of your own website which you do when the website is created by someone else.

Freedom :-

As you create your own website and don’t get any interruptions or intervention of any other person in this way , a website builder facilitates you with the freedom which is very much necessary to feel in your skin through your website.

Varieties of Ideas :-

As there is already many ideas or themes present in built in the website builders so it allows you to choose from a variety of options and also allows room for changes too.

As every coin has two sides just like that website builders have some cons too and you should keep them in mind too.

So here are some cons of website builders :-

Slow Speed :-

As website builder usually create an accountable website for its users however it provides a low speed to the customers of website compared to the websites build by high paid professionals.

Limited features :-

Human intervention is sometimes required in some particular activities as website builders provide you some basic and good features however , sometimes it could not stand on your wants as it has limited features. And this could affect the looks of your websites in a very observed way.

Limited Pages :-

Unless and until you are not signed in for the premium plans of the website builders you are usually provided with some few limited Pages and not more than that all.

Poor SEO

Poor SEO :- The limitations of pages on your website can make your website a mess so it’s necessary to keep this in mind.

As far as we have observed poor , unstructured and messy code is common in the website builders. That’s why the websites created through website builder is not SEO friendly.

The fact that when you create a website through website builder you don’t have control over codes and just on the design works here.

Not well fitted for professional businesses:-

As usually seen professional websites need a basic and good structured content. And yeah, as first impressions always last it should be kept in mind that a website builder is not suitable for a professional website.


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