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What If Damage Occurs During Window Cleaning?

It is advisable to take photos of the windows before starting the cleaning work. And if something is damaged, photos should be taken immediately. Furthermore, the damage should be recorded immediately in writing with the person responsible on site. Even if they then claim that they didn’t cause the damage, you still have the damage documented in writing with before and after photos.

It often happens that customers of a glass cleaning company later report damage with the hope that the cleaning company’s insurance company will pay for this damage. In many cases, the insurance company is not willing to pay for the damage in these cases. You are on the safe side with the help of photos that were taken by the cleaning company immediately before cleaning and that document the damage-free condition. It is also advisable to note the names of the employees.

The memory protocol should be recorded immediately in writing. If the employee who caused the damage is cooperative, the damage report should be signed by him. The situation here is similar to an accident on the road.

Are window frames also cleaned?

A window also includes the window frame. The glass cleaning therefore not only includes the cleaning of the glass, but also includes the cleaning of the window frame if desired. As a rule, you can choose between a pure glass cleaning, a glass cleaning including window frames and a basic glass cleaning, which also includes cleaning the folds.

Depending on the circumstances of the existing windows, the work can be different. For example, old plastic frames may already be brittle. Its cleaning is more complex. If the window frames are made of wood, special Vinduespudser is necessary.

What cleaning methods are available?

A window cleaning company usually offers different cleaning methods. Depending on the object, one or the other makes more or less sense. Which cleaning method you use depends essentially on your existing conditions and the needs of the window and the window frame.

In bad weather and in areas that are difficult to access, professional glass cleaning companies offer a nano seal, for example. Individual advice on a property is essential.

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