Will My Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Represent Me in Court?

The first thing you should do after you are injured in a car accident is to seek medical attention. The next step is to hire a car accident lawyer to help you follow up with the insurance company for your injury claim. Insurance companies have legal teams who will be working to minimize or dismiss your accident claims. A Nashville car accident lawyer can take the insurance companies and responsible parties on and fight for your rights. 

When Your Car Accident Case Might Go to Court

Car accident cases don’t always proceed to court. Your car accident lawyer will investigate and may gather enough evidence to show your damages. If the insurance company of the negligent driver and your lawyer agree on a fair settlement, your case can be settled out of court. 

Your lawyer may proceed to court if:

  • The insurance company offers a low settlement
  • The insurance company refuses to pay more money for the damages even after negotiations with your lawyer
  • It’s hard for the parties to agree on who is responsible for the car accident

What Your Lawyer Will Do for Your Case

Represent You in Court

A car accident lawyer will stand by your side throughout the process. The lawyer will gather evidence and carefully present your case to court. For you to get a fair settlement, you need to have proof that convinces the judge that the accident happened due to the negligence of the other driver. The kind of evidence your car accident lawyer will present in court may include:

  • Witness interviews
  • Accident reports
  • Medical records
  • Professional interviews from the doctor who offered you treatment
  • Any other evidence showing your injuries

Enlighten You About Your Rights

Since you are not a legal expert in personal injury, it’s understandable if you are not aware of your rights. Your attorney can analyze the laws that are relevant to your case and help you understand your rights. This will prepare you to protect yourself legally and avoid manipulation by insurance companies. 

A car accident lawyer knows what you should do after you are involved in a car accident. They have hands-on experience and training in car accident claims. These lawyers are aware of some of the mistakes you can make after the accident that may lead to claim denial. Getting legal advice from a car accident lawyer heightens your chances of having a positive car accident case. 

Why Hire a Nashville Car Accident Lawyer

Getting involved in a car accident is emotionally draining and stressful. You have so many things to deal with including medical expenses, property damage, and pursuing the insurance companies of the other drivers. If you don’t have an experienced car accident lawyer to help you, you may end up settling for a lower amount than you should justifiably receive.

A Nashville car accident lawyer will analyze your case, gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and proceed to court to make sure that you receive a fair settlement.

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