7 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building in 2022

Team building has taken a digital turn, with virtual escape rooms arising as an engaging and successful method for fostering joint effort, communication, and critical thinking abilities among remote teams. In 2022, the demand for excellent virtual escape room encounters has taken off, prompting the production of creative and vivid challenges. In this article, we’ll explore the seven best virtual escape rooms for team building in 2022, offering a blend of excitement and camaraderie for remote teams. 

Escape the Virtual Island by The Escape Game 

“The Escape Game” is known for its vivid and challenging escape room encounters, and “Escape the Virtual Island” is no exception. In this virtual escape room, groups found abandoned on a virtual island should cooperate to settle puzzles, uncover mysteries, and find a way back home. With its enamoring storyline and intuitive components, this escape room gives an optimal stage for remote groups to team up and bond. 

The Cyber Heist by Teambuilding 

“The Cyber Heist” by Teambuilding is a virtual escape room that combines the excitement of a heist with the challenges of solving intricate puzzles. Teams take on the roles of elite hackers attempting to execute a high-stakes cyber heist. The game incorporates problem-solving, code-breaking, and strategic thinking, making it an excellent choice for teams looking to enhance their collaborative skills in a virtual environment. 

The Lost Temple by Puzzle Break 

“Puzzle Break” offers an exhilarating virtual escape room experience with “The Lost Temple.” Teams embark on an archaeological adventure, solving puzzles and deciphering codes to navigate through the virtual temple. The game’s impressive production values, engaging storyline, and challenging puzzles make it an ideal choice for teams seeking an immersive and memorable team-building experience. 

Virtual Team Pursuit by Wildgoose 

“Virtual Team Pursuit” by Wildgoose takes the concept of a virtual escape room to the next level. This interactive team-building experience combines escape room elements with a treasure hunt, encouraging teams to collaborate on challenges and solve puzzles. The dynamic and competitive nature of “Virtual Team Pursuit” adds a layer of excitement, making it an effective choice for teams looking to enhance communication and problem-solving skills. 

The Grimm Escape by Exit Now 

“Exit Now” offers a unique virtual escape room experience with “The Grimm Escape.” Teams delve into the world of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, solving puzzles inspired by classic stories. The game’s whimsical yet challenging puzzles create a delightful atmosphere for team collaboration. “The Grimm Escape” is an excellent option for teams looking to inject a sense of creativity and fantasy into their virtual team-building activities. 

Escape the Crate by Escape the Room 

“Escape the Crate” delivers a virtual escape room experience that combines puzzles, storytelling, and interactive elements. Teams receive a physical crate containing clues, props, and puzzles, enhancing the immersive nature of the game. The combination of virtual and tangible elements sets “Escape the Crate” apart, providing teams with a unique and engaging team-building adventure. 

Global G.L.O.W. Spy Adventure by Let’s Roam 

Let’s Roam offers a virtual escape room experience with a twist in the “Global G.L.O.W. Spy Adventure.” Teams become secret agents on a mission to thwart an evil plot. The game combines traditional escape room challenges with interactive tasks, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. The global theme adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a fantastic choice for teams with a sense of adventure. 


Virtual escape rooms have become a cornerstone of remote team-building strategies, offering an immersive and enjoyable way for teams to collaborate and strengthen their bonds. In 2022, the options for virtual escape room experiences have expanded, providing teams with diverse themes, challenges, and interactive elements. 

Whether you and your team are navigating a virtual island, solving a cyber heist, or exploring a lost temple, so these virtual escape rooms offer dynamic and engaging opportunities for remote teams to build camaraderie and enhance their collaborative skills. As the demand for innovative team-building solutions continues to rise, these virtual escape rooms stand out as the best options to foster teamwork and excitement in the digital age. 


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