A Guide to Eternity Band Settings

A Guide to Eternity Band Settings

While selecting an eternity band or ring, it is assumed to buy diamond eternity rings. Widely believed that Diamonds are Forever and the best fit to express eternal love. Originally these rings were designed with diamonds to symbolize love and devotion between couples. Eternity bands are in demand nowadays due to their minimal yet appealing presence in your hand. 

Eternity rings are meaningful, symbolic, and beautiful types of the ring design. They’re a favorite among couples as wedding rings are also chosen to commemorate wedding anniversaries and other special days. Eternity bands typically contain a metal ring encircled by precious gemstones, commonly diamonds.

Choosing an eternity band is significant as far as a concern to consider the type of settings used to hold the stones firm in place that also affects the overall elegance and durability of the ring.

There are types of eternity band settings commonly used for setting diamonds or gemstones on the ring.

Moving forward, we will examine the type of settings that are generally included to set eternity rings.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is one of the most common types of eternity ring settings. It’s a classic choice with a few different variations.

The prong setting features prongs that helps in holding the diamonds or gemstones securely in place. Usually, there are four prongs, into which the diamond is carefully set to keep them in their position.

With the minimum metal visibility, Prong settings allow the sides of the diamond to be visible with maximum diamond exposure while keeping it safe. It ensures excellent light performance, making the eternity band sparkle.

Over time, the prongs may lose their integrity and become weakened. Also, the ring with prong setting can take longer to get cleaned due to the many spaces  and grooves in the setting. 

Channel Setting

A channel set eternity ring features stones set within a channel in the metal band. Diamonds are carefully set side by side and held in place. Channel hold onto the diamonds’ girdles and protect them as well.

The channel setting is very safe and helps protecting the diamond from exposure. Even if the eternity ring gets hit against something accidentally, the metal would get knocked rather than the diamonds. Another important benefit of wearing a channel set diamond eternity ring is that they don’t tend to snag on things, and hence, people find it very comfortable.

On the flip side, channel settings are not as brilliant as a diamond ring should be. In a channel setting, the metal covers the diamonds within the metal. 

Bezel Setting

Bezel set eternity rings are not very common to find when you buy diamond eternity rings, but they make for beautiful ring designs. Diamonds are placed individually in a metal setting that surrounds the stone. Each metal gripped stone is then carefully soldered together to create the ring.

Bezel eternity bands are very safe and offer the best protection for diamonds. However, they tend to reduce the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance, as you only get to see the top view of the stone.

It’s very easy to clean a bezel eternity ring is easy as there aren’t many hidden cavities. If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-maintain eternity ring for women,  the bezel is the way to go.

Pave Setting

In Pave set eternity bands, diamonds held in place by tiny metal beads. The diamonds or gemstones used for pave set eternity rings are much smaller than those used in prong eternity bands. The diamonds create a paved appearance when set in this way.

Pave eternity bands are stunning and brilliant. Many people prefer them for this particular feature.

Also, this type of setting may result in the small diamonds falling out and hence, might need replacement over a period of time. Pave set eternity bands may be difficult to maintain and clean due to the tiny diamonds.

Flush Setting

Flush set eternity rings are quite a unique choice. They are ideal if you want something modern and different with ties to the traditional. Also, it is quite  different from a diamond eternity ring as it has diamonds going all around the band. But in another way, it’s different with the flush set as the diamonds are set flush against the metal.

Embedded in such a way only the top view of the stone is visible. It highlights the metal more than the diamonds and depicts less is more as style. If you are looking for eternity bands for couple it may be a great choice. Although there are fewer diamonds, they still catch our eye and impress.

Flush set eternity bands aren’t very brilliant, easy to clean, maintain and, comfortable to wear.


You can look online for your eternity ring as there are many great options to choose from. By taking your search online, you’ll be able to compare competitive prices and have a wide range of options. However, you need a research to choose a trustworthy and reliable retailer known for the quality of its products and services.

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