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Who Are Apprentice Plumbers? What Is The Apprentice Plumber Salary In Florida?

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Apprentice plumber

Apprentice plumbers primarily work as assistants to licensed plumbers. In return, the apprentice plumbers get a chance to polish their skills. Most of the time, the apprentice plumber does minor plumbing jobs like assembling pipes and cleaning the water supply line. They also get a chance to learn how to handle plumbing tools properly. In this article, we’ll discuss apprentice plumber salary In Florida in detail.

Another skill that an apprentice plumber can get is knowledge about cleaning job sites. An apprentice plumber, along with skill, also gets a handsome salary. By reading this article, you will get an idea about apprentice plumber salaries in Florida and the primary responsibility of apprentice plumbers. 

Responsibilities of an apprentice plumber

The apprentice plumber is responsible for entry-level plumbing-related problems and job. Typically, an apprentice plumber works under highly qualified and professional plumber supervision. The professional plumber is supposed to be licensed and an expert in plumbing.

An apprentice plumber assists his senior in minor plumbing problems at the workplace. These problems include installing new plumbing fixtures, cleaning a clogged pipe system, and other minor repair and maintenance work.

Apprentice plumbers hire at a low salary. While working on a low salary, the apprentice plumber gets a full chance to gain experience and improve their skills by getting full knowledge.

The most common duties of an apprentice plumber are locating and identifying leaks in the water supply and drainage system. Apprentice plumber must determine the right tool and equipment to finish any plumbing problem successfully.

The apprentice plumber also helps the full-fledged plumber prepare cost estimations for a specific client. Apprentice plumbers also assist a plumber in properly implementing federal, state, and local plumbing laws and codes.

It is also included in the duties of an apprentice plumber to clean the job site after finishing the plumbing job. Apprentice plumbers are responsible for giving answers to queries of the client. A good apprentice plumber has the quality of following the plumber’s orders and guidelines.

These are the shared responsibilities that an apprentice plumber performs during his duty hours. In this way, the plumber gets assistance with low investment, and the apprentice plumber gets a golden chance to learn from an experienced plumber to become an expert in his field.

Also comes the responsibilities of a plumber, including assembling pipes, cleaning the water supply, handling different tools, and learning the other job sites. He assists the main plumber in complex jobs and handles smaller jobs. Successful plumbers are more detail-oriented and organized. A plumber must be able to follow instructions and travel to clients’ homes also. He is also trained to locate and identify leaks and repair or replace pipes and parts. He is also helping the other plumbers ensure local codes do all the work.

Apprentice plumber salary in Florida

Apprentice plumbers are the most demanding job in Florida. In the current year, the average hourly salary of a startup apprentice is approximately eighteen dollars per hour in Florida, USA.

If you are not a new apprentice, you can expect a maximum of twenty-five US dollars in the hourly rate for your services. This trend shows that the salary of an apprentice plumber in Florida significantly varies. This situation gives apprentice plumbers a chance to get more rates by enhancing their experience and skills.

It is estimated that an apprentice plumber can earn fifty-one thousand seven hundred dollars per year. Along with this salary, apprentice plumbers can get an average sixteen-hundred-dollar bonus yearly based on their skills and performance. This average annual salary and bonus can vary according to the different locations in Florida. According to the apprentice plumber’s knowledge, certification, skills, and experience, this salary can also go high or low.  

Final thoughts

There are plenty of apprentice jobs in Florida on a daily and weekly basis. Apprentice plumber salary in Florida is compositely better than other states of USA. So, get adequate knowledge, and apply for an apprentice plumber job by keeping apprentice plumber responsibilities in mind. Get the job and be a better full-fledged plumber.


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