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A Complete Guide On Measurement of Rough Plumbing for Toilet In Texas

If you live in Texas and want to relocate your toilet or construct a new toilet, you must consider several things. A professional plumber must do rough plumbing for toilet in Texas. In this article, you will learn about all the essential measurements before investing in a new toilet.

Rough plumbing for toilet

The critical concept of rough plumbing for toilet in Texas is straightforward. It is the distance in your expected toilet place, starting from the back wall of your toilet to the center of the drain point, called a flange. This measurement is vital because if you did not do that measurement, you could end up with the wrong toilet purchase, which is a total loss of money and time at the same time. In rough plumbing for a toilet, the following measures must be done before purchasing things for the toilet.

  • Measurement of distance from the back wall of the toilet to the center of the drainpipe or flange.
  • The distance measurement is from the left and right sides of the toilet seat.
  • The measurement of the distance from the front side of the toilet seat.

Rough plumbing for toilets in Texas

Rough-in toilet measurement from the back wall

In Texas, three different types of rough-in toilet measurements are used. The types of these rough in toilets are known by the distance of flange from the back wall, and this distance can be ten inches, twelve inches, and fourteen inches. The twelve inches distance from the back wall is most commonly used.

The toilet flange distance from the back wall is critical because this distance defines what kind of toilet seat you can use for your toilet. For example, if you have a small room for making a toilet, you must use ten or fourteen inches of measurements from the back wall to the toilet flange. But in this case, a specific limitation comes into play. For ten inches and fourteen inches measurements, very few styles are available on the market.

So, you can have a variety of options for toilet seat design selection.

However, for 12 inches measurement of the toilet, plenty of unique, beautiful, and modern designs are available on the market because most homeowners prefer 12 inches measurement for their toilets.

The rough-in measurement from the back wall is essential. So, this measurement should have been taken with extra care. If you take the wrong measurement from the back wall, you may have the wrong toilet seat. The wrong toilet seat can not be installed in the toilet. So, you must return the wrong seat to the shopkeept and replace it with a suitable toilet seat.

Precaution in taking measurement

While taking measurements to form toilet flange to back wall, you must take some precautions. These precautions are essential. For example, the twelve inches distance started from the back wall to the toilet flange. This distance must start from the finished wall, not the base molding; if you start taking distance from base molding, you must add an extra ½ inches in total 12 inches of the total distance.

Rough-in toilet measurement from the side of the toilet seat

The experts recommend in Taxes that the left or right-side distance of the toilet should have been fifteen inches from the middle of the flange to any nearby fixture of the sidewall.

Rough-in toilet measurement in front of the toilet seat

The front side measurement starts from the middle of the flange to any front obstacle. In Texas, if you are following the IPC code, this distance must be 21 inches. And if you follow the UPC, this distance can be 24 inches.

Measurement for water supply

The best measurement for water supply in the rough toilets systems in Texas is to start measuring from the center of the flange and measure six feet to the left side of that flange. After this, measure the distance of 7 inches above the floor. As a result of this measurement, you will get the location of the water supply. According to the experts, this location of water supply covers a wide range of toilet seats.

Considering the height aspect of the toilet, cold water pipes creates one hole between five and ten inches above the floor. For horizontal supply line, it should be measured from the center line running vertically from the toilet center; the supply line hole should be six inches to the side of the center line. The recommended measurement of water-supply line from the side wall can be 15 inches.

Considering the toilet’s position, this 15-inch of clearance space can be from the center of the bathroom to any adjacent fixture. Doing the right measurement for the toilets rough in leads to the easy fittings of the seat and pipes.


Rough plumbing for toilets in Texas, you must know how to get the best results for your toilet. After knowing the vital measurement, you can find the best material and plumbing services in Texas.


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