How To Clean Your Car’s Interior Like A Pro

A dry, clean day and a few products is all you need to polish and wash your car’s interior as professional.

Why Detail Your Car Yourself?

I could ignore the car’s mess most of the time. The end result was that I was in my vehicle for a few minutes to complete my school run, and maybe running errands. On a hot summer day, I opened my car and nearly puked over the smell. Food wrappersand empty bottles of soda, as well as other trash that were lying on the floor of my car was a nightmare. What was the reason why I started my day this way? !

Professional Detailing is Expensive!

Then I took into an auto detail shop. The next day , I had made a payment of $200. While it was clean, however it was not completely perfect. I felt as if I’d been taken advantage of since I could have done the same task on my own with some research. After that, I discovered how to maintain the inside of my car cleaner than professional detailing services. In this article I’ll share my list of car washing tips and my daily routine.

How To Detail Your Car Interior At Home

It is recommended to wash your car’s interior on the day when it’s cloudy or at a shaded location to ensure that the cleaning products don’t dry too quickly in the heat and can cause streaks.

Materials and Equipment

  • Clean garbage bags or bins
  • A vacuum cleaner that comes with attachments
  • A foam brush, or an older one
  • Cleansing cloths made from microfiber
  • A bucket of warm, fresh water
  • Rub (isopropyl) alcohol
  • Window cleaning (here’s the link to Locate a Full Service Car Wash Near You)
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Scrub brush
  • A squeezer (for pets)

1. Empty It

Everything that is garbage-related should go into the first container, and afterward take it out. Use the second container to keep items that don’t belong in your car, and place it in a bin for disposal at a later date. Make sure you don’t take everything back to your vehicle once you’ve finished!

2. Clean the Soft Surfaces

This is the order in which they appear:

Cleaning efficiently requires you to do it from top to bottom, so it is a constant process of moving dirt upwards and down. By using the upholstery attachment clean your floor, then take off the floor and put them in a place to store. Cleanse the ceiling of the vehicle (especially essential if you’re smoking) along with the seating area, under those seats and lastly the floor. Make sure that you move the seats forward and back as much as you are able to and you’ll be able to scrub the floor as thoroughly as possible.

Make sure there are no gaps

By using the crevice attachment, clean the console and seat under the seats, in rails and around them, and other places in which food particles and dirt may be hidden. Make use of brush heads made of foam or an older toothbrush if necessary to eliminate the hard-to-get rid of dirt.

3. Clean the Hard Surfaces


The brush attachment will ensure that you scrub the inside of your car with a thorough cleaning of the dashboard and the console, as well as the inside of the cupholders, and any other surfaces that dust accumulates.


The bucket needs to be filled with warm water, and then add a few drops of the liquid dish soap. Use this liquid to wash wheels, door handles, the dashboard and consoles, as well as others that don’t have made of glass. Change the cloths when the one you’re using becomes filthy. Refill your soapy liquid in the event that it gets soiled too.

Clean windows.

Use glass cleaner along with dry, clean microfiber cloth to off streaks of smoke as well as fingerprints off of the windows inside. (Using your paper towels you’ll create lint particles, which turn to dust.) Polish all chrome surfaces , too.

Polish vinyl as well as leather.

If you like using polishing products that shine your car’s vinyl or leather surfaces, this is the best time to apply it. To prevent getting spray on your dirty windows or chrome, spray the polish onto an unclean cloth then rub it on the surface. Then, buff it to give it an attractive finish with a dry clean cloth.

4. Remove Stains


A microfiber cloth and some soapy water will get rid of most staining on upholstery, such as leather seats. Make sure the upholstery isn’t in water. This is a sign that you’re not soaking your fabric. If the stain remains, apply ruby alcohol to a clean cloth to daub (not rub) the stain until it is gone.


Soapy water can be utilized to wash away most carpet staining. Be sure to not let the floor get too wet however it can cause mildew. Use the scrub brush for staining that is hard to remove or an application of the carpet stain treatment. When the stain has been removed then clean the area by using a moist, clean cloth to remove soap remnants. In the event that it is not cleaned, it could attract more dirt.

Floor mats:

Make use of a garden hose with soapy water and a scrub brush , to clean the carpet mats that cover your driveway. Rinse them off with simple water to eliminate soap remnants. After that, dry them with a bright light.

How To Keep Your Car Clean

There are people who enjoy spending an unwinding Saturday afternoon cleaning their car’s interiors before washing it off on their driveway. If you’re not a fan of it, there are ways for keeping your vehicle’s interior neat.

Don’t think of storage as an actual Storage.

The more items in your car, the more likely accidents to go in the shadows. Remove your vehicle from the garage after returning and check the trunk. If you have kids, check underneath the car seats ensure that they don’t fall onto anything they’ve covered by.

How do you remove hairs from the car seats:

If your pet spends a lot of time being ridden around in your car your seats and carpet will likely have drawn a lot of fur from the pet. Use a moist squeegee on the carpet to help loosen hair, so that the vacuum is able to do its work better.

Make sure that you have cleaning products in your home.

Set up a couple of microfiber towels on your vehicle’s center console or glove compartment. It is possible to add two hand soap bags (not the ones that come in bottles) too. Use the cloths wipe your console clean, and then hurry off to keep clear of traffic. Sanitizer packs are alcohol-based which makes them perfect to wash up spills that have accumulated from food items. ( Here are

Locate a Car Detailing Near You

Use a car trash can.

Start putting food wrappers, like directly into garbage bags inside your vehicle. The packaging doesn’t have to be costly — a plastic shopping bag and an old cereal container could be used.

Clean cupholders that are easy to wash.

Car cupholders are prone to getting dirty and aren’t an easy thing to clean. Use cupcake liners to make the mess simpler to clean. If using paper cupcake liners, you can switch to silicone ones, or use silicone ones, and then wash them.

Select the correct mat to fit your flooring.

Carpeted floor mats in the car might not protect the flooring in your car. Replace them with mats made from rubber if you are a member of a family that is involved in outdoor activities. They’ll protect your car’s flooring from staining and water, and all you need is a hose to clean them.

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