GMR GEMS (GMR Engineering & Management Services)

Keep Inefficiencies Out

GMR GEMS offers the latest technology for comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions, providing turnkey solutions for wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and liquid-free discharge systems that are simple, user-friendly and energy-efficient. GEMS offers the latest water treatment technology for various purposes including water filtration systems, water softening systems, demineralization systems, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems.

New-age & Cutting-edge Technology Solutions

As your  technology partner, GMR GEMS will work with you to create  competitive advantage while ensuring a reliable platform for your information systems that can adapt to changing business priorities. Whatever the nature of your business, GEMS offers professional skills and resources to improve, enrich and enhance your business through the effective, efficient and economical use of information technology.

Bridge Of Excellence & Efficiency

Knowing exactly what equipment you need to best meet the needs of a project can be a challenge.Carrying out inspection, repair and maintenance work on bridges requires special equipment. For example, bridge inspectors must be able to perform visual and hands-on inspections effectively. And that requires access under the bridge in almost every situation. GMR GEMS provides expert services and bridge mounted equipment to facilitate project completion on time and on budget.

Technology Driven Airside Specialized Vehicle

GEMS airside design and operations software solutions provide the latest technology to ensure that even the most  complex apron, taxiway or runway design or operations tasks can be carried out reliably and safely, and that accurate results are achieved.

Making Efficiency Look Beautiful

The environmental benefits of proper and scientific landscaping and garden design are  increasingly appreciated. The other added values ​​are improving the environment, purifying the air, creating a relaxing environment and giving the place a distinctive natural and cultural identity. The dedicated team of qualified, experienced and hard working professionals consisting of Gardeners, Irrigation Engineers and Landscaping Managers ensure that all work undertaken by GEMS GMR.

follows best practices and the latest technology.

Tree planting: roadside, parks

Irrigation system Installation, operation and maintenance of an automatic drip and sprinkler irrigation system

  • Earthwork and field modeling
  • Outdoor landscape management
  • Indoor landscape management
  • Nursery management
  • Creation and maintenance of the water feature

Landscape Of Success

GEMS has a proven track record of creating, nurturing, managing and maintaining landscapes, including their horticultural features. Whilst able to handle both exterior and interior turnkey projects, he also has the experience to execute the following activities skillfully and efficiently.

Fully Automated Irrigation Systems

The irrigation system is a combination of sprinkler and drip systems that use microprocessor based controls to ensure precise, preset, even and controlled application of water throughout the  airport landscaped area.A highly dedicated team of skilled, experienced and hardworking professionals including gardeners, irrigation engineers and landscape managers ensure that best practice and the latest technology are followed in all work undertaken by GEMS.

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