What are the benefits and features of CareCloud?

CareCloud is one of the practice management software for healthcare practitioners to implement their management processes with tools and features that promote efficiency and paperlessness. Leading healthcare providers trust CareCloud and Intel as one of the major investors. This proves to be a reliable solution for enterprises in the industry. As a cloud-based system, it gives users the opportunity to create custom apps that can help streamline internal processes. CareCloud is also compliant with HIPAA and government security standards for data and transmission controls.

What are the features of Carecloud?

The main features of CareCloud are given by,

  • Analysis
  • Customization
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Electronic health record
  • Live chat
  • Mobile app
  • Patient portal
  • Patient recruitment tool
  • Practice management
  • Reporting
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Social Collaboration Tools
  • Access to patient information
  • Patient registration
  • Patient scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Automated workflows

What are the benefits of CareCloud?

The main benefits of CareCloud are its rich feature set, customization, and ease of use. CareCloud users can expect to find practice management features such as the Electronic Health Record system, which can help with inpatient and outpatient flow monitoring. The process is made easier with the drag and drops feature. The platform also includes reporting and analytics features that offer a complete overview of the patient’s medical history and current situation.

CareCloud also offers revenue cycle management that improves workflows related to patient finance, from scheduling and registration to order management and patient response. This feature is designed to help you deliver efficient service and improve productivity. The patient portal module also makes the service personal because it allows patients and medical practitioners to communicate with each other. It enables patients to easily share medical information and receive medical advice from doctors and other medical staff.

Finally, CareCloud also covers the administrative aspects of your health institution because it saves your business deals for better optimization. Automate routines for managers for easy workflows. All of this is available in a visually appealing dashboard that is customizable and, at the same time, provides comprehensive information about your operations in real-time.

How is CARECLOUD different from other EHRS?

CareCloud originally started as an EHR solution for small healthcare facilities. But with, CareCloud technology has grown into the perfect solution for both small and large medical practices. With a focus on excellence in patient care, CareCloud prides itself on delivering solutions for high-level patient engagement. You can see this just by visiting their website via their interactive click-to-chat technology. They present themselves as thought leaders in the EHR industry. CareCloud offers a dashboard of key performance metrics called CareCloud Command Center to help support your practice in reaching its full potential.

Another great selling point is that CareCloud leverages its support team by providing services in the area. CareCloud offers cloud-based solutions that go beyond EHR. It will offer Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Practice Management solutions. You expect these services to become even stronger now as MTBC acquires them, specializing in medical billing and practice management services.

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