We all love mechanisms that make all our work easy right? Likewise, a food processor is one such mechanized technology that helps you in every step of your cooking process and its preparations, while making it more convenient and quick. You can have a look at 5 Best Food Processors 2022 for you to cook food easily!

But to use this product with high durability you also need to maintain the food processor properly. We should maintain it while cleaning every part of the food processor in the right way and in the right form. Although we might be aware of the usage or procedure of using a food processor, not all of us are aware of the ways for cleaning it, which is really essential. So to help our lovely readers with the ways of cleaning it easily at home we’ve compiled some steps that you might follow to make your product durable for a long time!



1. Disperse all the parts of the Food Processor

Food Processors have a lot of parts that help in chopping, slicing, pasting, and stuff. It helps us in doing a lot of preparation for which it needs to be cleaned properly from inside. So for that, the parts need to be separated properly at first as bits of food can hide in between the parts of your food processor. Carefully separate the blades and keep them aside.

2. Cleaning of blades

First, after separating the parts, you should clean the blades immediately after use as it will make them durable for a long. Since soaking in any food ingredients makes the blade moisture and thus it can make the blade dull fast. So to avoid this, make sure you clean the blades every time after using them, with mild soap, and scrub it carefully. Do not rush as that may cause cuts in your hand so keep a watch while doing it. And then dry it using a dry towel so that it doesn’t store any moisture which might cause dullness and rust.

3. Cleaning of the removable parts

Take a big bowl or bucket, fill it with warm water and add liquid soap in it. Mix it properly and put all the removal parts in the bowl or bucket. You can also use your Dishwasher machine for washing it. Now, let it soak for a few minutes. If the parts carry any smell, you can add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in that soap water while soaking them. Now, gently rub them with your bare hands and then wash it with normal water. Do not rub or scrub them with any harsh object or scrubber. After washing them with normal water. Take a dry towel and wipe them dry properly.

4. Cleaning of the Base or Motor

Do not ever use any sort of water or soap over this base part where the motor is placed. As it might cause damage to the motor. So for cleaning this all you require is a wet towel and wipe down the stains gently. For hard and tough stains or marks you can use spray soaps or spray cleaners like Colin, and wipe the stains with a towel gently. This minimum cleaning will make your base or the motor part shine.

5. Dry all the parts properly

Lastly, the most important part is drying all the parts of your food processor properly and assembling them in the proper manner,  while making sure that they do not have any watermarks or smells. This also includes setting up the blades carefully as if they do not get settled properly, it might cause issues while using it, leading to unwanted damages and accidents.

Efficient Tips for Maintaining a Durable Food Processor

A food processor in your kitchen can make cooking and meal preparation much easier and faster. However, like any other kitchen gadget, a food processor requires proper maintenance to ensure it lasts long. Cleaning the food processor after every use is essential to maintain its functionality and longevity. Here are some efficient tips for maintaining a durable food processor.
The first step is to disperse all the food processor parts, including the blades, and clean them separately. Cleaning the blades immediately after use with mild soap and a soft scrubber can prevent moisture from building up and making them dull quickly. Soaking the removable parts in warm soapy water and gently rubbing them with your hands is an effective way to remove any food debris or smells.
It is crucial not to clean the base or motor with water or soap, as it could damage the motor. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe down any stains or marks, and for tough stains, you can use spray cleaners. After cleaning, it is important to dry all the parts thoroughly to prevent any watermarks or smells from lingering.
By following these efficient tips for maintaining a durable food processor, you can ensure that it lasts for a long time, making your cooking process easy and convenient.


Now that you’ve learned all the easy steps, you can clean your food processor following them without any worry while making them durable for a long time. 

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