Tumbler – How to Use it Correctly

Ground glass is what is used to create coarse to thin pebbles, usually with water. They play the role of nature, for example when seeing rocks in a creek or stream.

These stones are cheap and are used to make jewelry. Read for this guide explains

The types of cut glass are:

Swivel cups – some are available in toy stores and are fun to use. But you are limited by the size of the stone. Because these stones have only a small rotor force. There are several sizes and some have double containers. The benefits of this are cost-effective, easy to use; The stone will be rounded and you can start a glass of water and forget about it.

Vibration cups – these do not shake rocks. But using ultrasound or rotating around a vertical axis are a little cuter. But they are more popular because they polish stones much faster. And kept the stone shape instead of just making it round. They also looked a little quieter.

The advantage of using these cups is that they make the stones shine better. They rub faster. This creates a minimal shape of the stone. Fragile stones will be able to withstand this better. And it uses fewer grains and abrasives. They are also better than spin glass when polishing stones like obsidian or opal glass. The downside to this is that you have to check every day and it is difficult to find the right solution.

It’s a great idea to use a revolving glass to make round rocks. And was inserted into the vibrating glass for the final polishing stage.

Size determines the choice of cup. And you want to decide what kind of rock you want to break. Only small buckets should be used for small stones. And the large bucket can contain larger rocks and smaller rocks.

Keep in mind that the reason behind screwing the rotor and breaking the strap is when you load on the tank. Double sheets are ideal for polishing large amounts of stone or for keeping a spare tin for polishing soles.

Some preparation tips:

Use kerosene jelly to seal the container for leaks. Buy more gravel

Use a soundproofing to protect the cup (people next to you are always grateful for that).

The biggest problem for people who do not polish stones is probably because they do not have the patience. Remember that if the first step is accelerated scratches left in the stone will not come out. This process takes weeks, not days.

Another major problem is overfilling of the glass. If the container is too full, the stone will need more time to move around in the coarse gravel. It is best if the container is filled with 2/3 or run in two batches and mix until the remaining method is finished.

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