6 Useful Gifts for Career Driven Job Hunters

If you have a friend or an acquaintance who is career-driven and seeking a new job, you can imagine the frustration that can occur. It’s very competitive among many career paths during these challenging times, and a useful gift for your friend would brighten their day. Our shopping experts have a list of amazing gifts that can empower, inspire and bring a smile to the face of an ambitious job seeker out on the hunt in a busy market.

1. Life Coach Sessions

Do you perform at your fullest potential?

Many of us probably believe we do, but a life coach can provide valuable lessons about doing our best at a professional, financial, and even personal level.

Your friend who’s job hunting could only gain by having some life coach sessions. These professionals are incredible motivators and can help career-driven individuals expand on their strengths and improve any weaknesses they may have.

2. Interview Outfit Gift Certificate

It’s no secret that we all should try to dress for success, and although clothing isn’t the number one asset a future employer looks at, if your friend nails a potentially fantastic interview, then he or she should be wearing the proper ensemble suited for that particular job.

That is why a gift certificate to a well-regarded department store such as Macy’s or Nordstrom would make for a generous gift. Even a new pair of shoes plays an important role in style or a new tie, new scarf, etc.

3. Stationery

Don’t forget the art of excellent communication because it truly matters when you are dedicated to the job hunt and hope to stand out among your peers.

For example, after the interview with a prospective employer, it is wise to send a personalized written thank you note to each of your interviewers. It is classic business etiquette and reemphasizes your interest in the role and organization.

Personalized stationery gifts will help any job hunter stand out from the pile of resumes and help them create a strong brand identity. This is a useful gift that will empower their chances of getting selected.

4. Resume Writing Service

Here is another essential for your career-driven friend. The resume that you leave with a company or one that you submit via email should be a document that zeroes in on your talents, strengths, and accomplishments. You want to attract the eye of employers and recruiters, and the resume is your essential statement of power.

Everyone could use a resume update, and some experts do this for a living. A certified professional resume writer could be of immense value to your job hunting pal and set them on the right path to success.

5. Professional Business Bag

When you’re career-driven and on the hunt for a job, you mean business so to speak, and just like the proper attire you wear, carrying a handsome business bag can also help you on your job journey.

A backpack may have been decent for those college days, but a professional business bag is on another level and lets you take all your essentials with you.

You could purchase an office-appropriate bag for your friend, and they would surely welcome this thoughtful gift. It should be a bag that looks fab but also offers function and space. Consider a business bag that can easily fit a laptop, phone, charger, notebook, water bottle, and so on.

6. Spa Certificate

Who wouldn’t enjoy a free day at the spa having a wonderful, relaxing massage or getting their hair and nails done?

A gift certificate for a spa day is another useful service that your job hunting friend or acquaintance would appreciate.

Every job seeker wants to make a polished and attractive presentation, and having someone pamper you along the way makes you not only feel and look good but can boost your self-confidence and allow you to stand out as you apply for the job.

Self-confidence can only help you find success on your career path, and a little bit of me-time is always a good thing.

Our career-driven job hunters need our encouragement and praise. We’ve all been there when it comes to seeking a new career. Your friend would appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

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