Personal Essay Prompts for High School

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Looking for that great personal essay topic? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re in your freshman year of high school or about to start your last year, the college application essay portion can be a bit overwhelming. Do you want to go with a list of funny things that happened recently? Or do you want to go with a funny song lyric? No matter what type of essay you choose to do, we have the piece of information you need most: personal essay prompts. Read on and learn more about what types of topics could come up on your application essay and ways to write it with expert essay writer.

Top 10 Personal Essay Prompts for High Schoolers:

The key to writing a great personal essay is to use as much detail as possible. Your high school years are likely full of experiences that can make for great essays. Do take your drafts to the College Writing Center or ask a University Fellow for feedback before you revise them for your application. Here is 10 prompts for personal essays;

Describe a facet of your identity, your cultural, educational or family background or story that describes well that who you are.

You can share about your meaningful contributions. You can discuss the outcome, what challenges did you face and what you get in return as rewards.

Write about your challenge accepting or risk-taking personality. How did it help you out in gaining good lessons in life? Compare its effects on your firm belief and all the improvements.

Being a teenager, you can talk about different phases. Where do you find difficulty? How and who helped you in coping thing well? If you go back to those years then what should we expect from you? A different you or the same you? Do you want to give any advice to your coming juniors or family kids?

Write about the first time you made a big decision on your own. How did it make you feel?

Why do you want to go to college? How will college education help you achieve your goals? What do you think you will gain from college that you cannot gain from high school?

Describe an important person in your life and how they have affected who you are today.

Write about your secret dream job or career that no one knows about (or at least not many people!)

Write about your favorite fiction character, or you can also choose any historical character. Moreover, you have a choice of elaborating or associating with any creative art work. This will help you in presenting your personality well, due to their influence on yourself.

Write about the greatest risk that you have ever taken and what the outcome was!

Write about the importance of having good friends, and describe the best friend that you have ever had! What qualities make them such a good friend? What kinds of things.

Now, you can submit an essay on a topic of your choice.

Prompts for Topic Ideas:

Besides that, we have concluded prompts for ideas as well!

  1. My early days at school
  2. How I survived my school years
  3. My first work experience
  4. How I met my fear
  5. My most embarrassing moment tuned into best moment
  6. The biggest challenge in my life
  7. My best friend who encourages me the most in life
  8. The moment I overcome my phobia
  9. The day when I decided to change my life
  10. The goal or achievement that changed my life


Having such a personal essay topic helps you to reflect on the most important parts of your life and will lead you to the elements that have impacted your life in an extraordinary manner. The best thing about it is that there are no actual rules for writing this type of essay. All you have to do is remember the events that led a certain change in your perception, express your talent, develop memorable and catchy introduction hooks, and present it.

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