Modular Buildings: Does Cheap Represent Value?

10% of modular buildings supplied are at the expensive end of the market, and 10% are at the cheap end. The remaining 80% have varying prices within the middle end of the market.

When you choose a cheaper construction option, you buy what you get, and you might regret this decision in the future.

If you’re in the market for a modular home or office, it doesn’t matter if you buy from the expensive end of the market or a more affordable builder. What matters is that you do your research and choose one based on design and not just what’s most expensive.

Top-tier brands have a higher cost of production due to the associated marketing budgets, so companies are forced to charge more. This enables them to offset their continual high cost and maintain their prestigious brand labelling.

Sometimes, the best value for your money is in the middle 80% section of the market.

Modular buildings provide outstanding quality at a competitive price, but the costs can be prohibitive for larger companies. For those who have saved up enough money or who are willing to build their own modular building, there is more excellent value for money.

When buying a modular building, it’s essential to think about

1: Having a good impression of your customer’s first point of contact with your company is really important. If they’re not knowledgeable and helpful, it will lead to negative marks on their first impression.

2: How knowledgeable is the team on the products you sell?

3: Are you told about the implications of the Part L2 Building Regulations? You need to know what is required.

4: Is your space requirements evaluated correctly to ensure you’re given the appropriate sized building?

5: How quickly does the company respond to your enquiry with associated drawings and quotations?

6: Are free site surveys and onsite meetings to discuss your project offered?

7: What type of warranty is included with a modular building?

8: What are you expecting from a modular buidling? 

9: Do you provide a comprehensive Health and Safety package?

10: Do you want the payment for the building to be made in full before delivery, or is it something you would prefer to break up between before and after installation?

11: Are you happy with the look of our building?

12: How much does the building cost compared to the lower and upper ends of the market

13. What after-sales service is provided?

14: What’s your impression of the company you’re dealing with?

If you’re thinking of building a new commercial or office space, it’s worth considering modular construction. They cost substantially less than the high-end buildings on the market and marginally more than cheaper alternatives. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Contact Portable Building Sales today

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