What are the Eligibility Requirements to Get Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation programs are intended to give financial assistance to those workers, who have been injured during the accident at the workplace. Stats show that more than half of the claims get rejected because they were not valid. Workers may not be aware of the eligibility criteria and hence, face several problems while filing a claim. The Injured Workers Law Firm is a smart choice if you want to get some knowledge about the eligibility criteria to get this compensation. 

What does it take to become eligible to obtain workers’ compensation?

The employee should meet the following criteria if he wants to obtain the compensation:

  • You should be an employee of the company. In case, you have left the job at the time of filing the compensation, you will not be eligible.
  • Your company must have workers’ compensation insurance. In case, it does not, you will need to get in touch with the labor law office or workers’ compensation office.
  • You should receive injuries or illnesses at work. You need to have enough evidence to prove the same.
  • You must meet the deadlines and other guidelines of your state before filing the claim. if you don’t do any of these, you will not receive any compensation.

Other conditions to be considered

While it is important to learn the conditions when you can get workers’ compensation, you should also know when you don’t receive them. Some of them are discussed below:

Domestic workers– You don’t need to buy workers’ compensation insurance for your housekeeping worker, caregiver, gardener or babysitter. If these workers get injured while doing their jobs, you can give them financial support as per your wish. It is not mandatory state-wise.

Leased employees- If you have hired an employee from an agency on a temporary basis and he gets injured, the state law can define who will give him the compensation. It will also depend on the situation and circumstances of the employee. A lawyer will be able to assist him in this case. 

Seasonal or casual employees– If you have workers who work for you for a few weeks or months, you may not need to pay them according to the workers’ compensation program because they may not be covered. 

An attorney with relevant experience in this field can help you in a better way if you have received injuries in your workplace.

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