Know What Is Patta Chitta and How to Acquire Patta and Chitta

What is Patta?

Patta is a crucial legal document that helps prove the lawful possession of an individual on land; it becomes a critical document in case of any disputes between a landholder and the government or third-party landowners. 

One is eligible to receive compensation in case the government decides on acquiring the land. Besides, online Patta, which can be obtained from the portal, becomes one of the essential documents when selling off property. Even for vacant lands, Patta helps establish the lawful possession of that land. 

What Is Chitta?

Chitta is an important land document record, which holds essential details like the owner’s name, size, and the area of the property. Primarily, the Chitta classifies the land into two categories –Dryland (Punjai) and Wetland (Nanjai).

Nanjai indicates that an area is covered with water bodies that include canals, rivers, and ponds. On the other hand, Punjai indicates dryland areas. Tamil Nadu’s Government does not issue Patta and Chitta separately. Since 2015, both these documents have been consolidated to form Chitta Patta.

Important Note about Patta Chitta

A Patta applies for land and not for apartments. However, you may have a Patta for the lands on which an apartment has been constructed. Given that the land on which an apartment building stands is divided among owners commonly referred to as the undivided share (UDS), typically, a Patta is not sanctioned in such a case.

Documents Needed to Apply for Chitta Patta Online 

The following documents are needed if you are apply for Patta Chitta online. Keep them handy. These include:

The original copy of the property sale deed is needed, as well as a deed’s photocopy, which is going to be verified. These have to be submitted to a tehsildar’s office. 

Proof of property possession like receipt of property tax payment, electricity bills, or encumbrance certificate. 

The documents establish your legal possession and claim over the property.

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How to Get Patta Online?

The following is the step-by-step process to obtain Patta Chitta online.

Step 1: Visit the Patta Chitta website. It is available in two languages – Tamil and English. Select the language of choice to proceed.

Step 2: You need to select the option “View Patta“ and FMB, Chitta, or the TSLR extract and from a dropdown list, select the district where the property is situated.

Step 3: This step is regarding the details of a property. In this step, the Patta Chitta needs details from you on the Ward, Taluk, Village, and Block along with the Survey and Sub Division Numbers. 

Step 4: This step is about obtaining the Patta Chitta from the town survey land register.

On submitting property details, the following Certificate from the Town Survey Land Register will be issued online with details about the property. The Certificate would mention details, such as the type of construction, municipal door locality, number, and type of land.

How to Get the Patta Number?

How to Look for the Patta Number:

1. Visit the Tamil Nadu government’s official website.

2. Choose the “Verify Patta” option.

3. Fill in your reference number and click on ‘Submit’. 

4. Patta Chitta details are going to appear on screen and you can look for the patta number on the document.

FAQ on Patta Chitta

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