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20 Smart Tricks To Make Your Cooking Range Last Longer

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Cooking is a task that requires some skill and expertise, but it’s not always easy to keep your cooking tool for a long time. Here are twenty tricks you can try to make your range last longer – and hopefully save you some money in the process!

What Makes Cooking Ranges More Expensive?

The price of a cooking range price can vary depending on the features and design of the range. Some ranges are more expensive than others because they have features that make them more versatile or efficient.

Some features that make a cooking range more expensive are built-in ovens, warming dishes, and grills. These ranges can be more costly to purchase and operate. Still, they are often worth the extra money. Ovens are especially valuable, as they allow you to cook multiple dishes at once.

Another common feature of high-end ranges is a griddle or grill. These devices allow you to cook pancakes, waffles, and other food items quickly and easily. They are also great for making breakfast items such as eggs and bacon. Griddles and grills can be expensive, but they often pay off in terms of convenience and efficiency.

DIY Alternatives to Cooking Range Seasoning

One of the most common problems with cooking ranges is that they lose their shine over time. The oils and spices used to season them slowly wear away. Here are some DIY alternatives to range seasoning that you can use to preserve your cooking range:

1. Use a lemon and sugar scrub:

Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 cup of sugar in a bowl to clean your cooking range. Scrub the surface with this mixture, then rinse it off. This will help remove any built-in grease and grime, as well as any food particles stuck to the surface. go now

2. Add baking soda:

If your cooking range doesn’t seem to be getting as hot as it used to, try adding one tablespoon of baking soda to the burner before starting your meal. This will help to increase the heat and cook your food more evenly.

3. Make a vinegar and salt scrub:

Another great way to keep your cooking range shining is to make a vinegar and salt scrub. Mix 3 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of salt in a bowl, then scrub the surface using a cloth or a sponge. Let it sit for 10 minutes before r

Ways To Use Up Old Cooking Ranges

There are a few ways to use up old cooking ranges that you might have in your kitchen. Here are a few tips:

1. Use the range for baking. Baking is a great way to use old ranges because it requires very little heat. This means that the range can work efficiently and save energy bills.

2. Use the range for making breakfast. Making breakfast on a range is a delicious and easy way to start your day. You can make everything from eggs and toast to waffles and pancakes.

3. Use the range for cooking dinner. Cooking dinner on an old range is a great way to save money and enjoy good food simultaneously. You can cook everything from simple dishes to elaborate meals.

Using old cooking ranges appropriately ensures that they last longer and help you save on your energy bills.

How To Reduce Cooking Range Usage

One way to make your cooking range last longer is to reduce the amount of food you cook at once. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you time.

Another way to make your cooking range last longer is to use the cooking range sparingly. Instead of cooking everything in the range at once, cook smaller batches of food and use the range once it’s done. This will also help to avoid over-cooking or burning your food.

Finally, be sure to clean your cooking range regularly. Dirty ranges can cause your food to burn or stick to the surface, leading to disaster. Cleaning your range weekly will keep it in good condition and ensure that your food cooks evenly.


Cooking can be a hassle, but with these clever tricks, you can make it less of a chore and more like an enjoyable experience. By following these tips, not only will your cooking range last longer, but you’ll also be able to cook delicious meals that are healthy for you and your family. So don’t wait any longer — start using these tips today and see the difference they make!

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